Two professionals in Lamia!

Lamia proceeded to sign two professional contracts for young U19 footballers.

PUBLICATION: September 21, 2022 | Team

He has two young professionals Ghoul, since yesterday, as she offered her talents their first contracts.

It’s about the young people Konstantinos Lambropoulos (born 21/04/2003) and Vasilis Kontonikos (born 11/12/2002), who signed their first contracts.

The first one is stopper, while the second competes in attack, with the Ghoul to believe enough in both of her talents.

The announcement in detail

Today is a special and important day for two footballers who come from our club’s academies. The reason for Konstantinos Lambropoulos and Vasilios Kontonikos, who signed their first professional contract. The first was born on 21-04-2003 and plays as a stopper and the second on 11-12-2005 and is an attacker.

The two young players who had been integrated into our team from the beginning of the preparation, being very promising, were at the PAE offices signing their contracts proving that with patience and hard work all dreams come true.

We welcome them and wish them health and many successes with our team!


The article is in Greek


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