A new twist in the Valyraki case

A new twist in the Valyraki case
A new twist in the Valyraki case

First entry: Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 01:55

Mr. Manolis Fotakis, one of the lawyers who handle the case.

“The Prosecutor will be scrutinized for his decision to put the “Valyraki” case on file, not because his family wants to break up, but because a case that, under the supervision of other justice officials, was completed in terms of the investigative part and now it is going to a regular trial, to try to forget this particular person”, emphasized Mr. Fotakis.

The lawyer and close friend of both Sifis Valyrakis and his family referred to the two fishermen, who in their apologies claimed that they had not gone fishing that day. But their claims did not convince the investigator and the prosecutor and they were judged to be in custody. “Last July, within a month of the issuance of the reasoned pre-trial detention warrants (a record time for release from prison), they were released from prison by the will of the Chalkida Police Council, according to which the pre-trial detention had to be replaced, with bail given to each of the defendants, €40,000, ban on leaving the country and appearance at the AT.

Finally, Mr. Fotakis also refers to what the main witness has officially reported, that he was initially attacked and then attempted to bribe him, which he testified to the Extortion Department.

The only thing the family of the late Sifis wants is to have a complete picture of the circumstances of his death and for those responsible to be punished in an exemplary manner.

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