School of Astronomy in Larissa –

School of Astronomy in Larissa –
School of Astronomy in Larissa –

For the sixth year in a row, the School of Astronomy will operate, under the initiative and responsibility of the “Enastron” Cooperative and in collaboration with the French Institute of Larissa.

The study cycle is three (3) years and includes courses in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology, which are presented in a simple and understandable way to make them accessible to all students.

The aim of the School of Astronomy is, from the first year, for the children to be able to spot and recognize in the night sky, the constellations, most of the objects of the Solar System and other distant celestial bodies, which are only visible with a telescope.

They are also fully familiar with the use of the telescope, as well as with the basic concepts of the above sciences, while they are able to follow and understand the scientific developments and discoveries that are announced on an almost daily basis.

The students of the School of Astronomy actively participate, if they wish, in the Astronomy Week events that take place every year at the French Institute and in other parts of Larissa, as well as in other events of the Enastron Cooperative. They can also register, if they wish, completely free of charge, in the Starry Sky Explorers Club “The Shooting Stars”. They also have full access to the scientific library of the School of Astronomy from which they can borrow books throughout their studies.

In addition to the theoretical lessons, observations are made with telescopes of both the objects of the night sky and the Sun during the day. These actions take place in Perivoli t’Uranou, in the area of ​​Ag. Marina.

Upon completion of the course, the first student is awarded with a telescope.

The classes are aimed at 5th and 6th grade students, middle school and high school and are held every Saturday from 16:00-17:30 for the 1st grade, 17:45-19:15 for the 2nd grade and from 19:30-21 :00 for 3rd grade.

It is also possible to follow the entire educational program using the method of modern distance teaching (via the Internet). In this case, a good quality internet connection, a PC with a camera, speakers or headphones and a microphone are required.

Those interested can find more information at, while for any clarifications they can call 6983512219.

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