Landmarks: Corfu among the 10 unique cinematic landmarks

Landmarks: Corfu among the 10 unique cinematic landmarks
Landmarks: Corfu among the 10 unique cinematic landmarks

CORFU. THE Union of Directors and Producers of Greek Cinema (ESPEK), this September, is organizing a special road trip for Greek cinema. A self-propelled vehicle, with all the necessary equipment, becomes a moving summer cinema that will cross a large part of the country, looking for areas where important Greek films were born.

Wanting to highlight the relationship between Greek films and the places where they were filmed, but also to build close ties between Greek films and the public, the “LANDMARKS” maps a cinematic route, with 10 stops and 10 screenings of iconic Greek films, which created a special relationship with the place where they were filmed and left their mark on the course of Greek cinema.

From this point of view, the self-propelled summer cinema of ESPEK will make stops in all of Greecefrom the Peloponnese to Macedonia, and from Corfu to the center of Athens, while it will screen classic as well as contemporary fiction films and documentaries, creating a polyphonic and varied program rich in eras, genres and themes.

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Wednesday 21/09 – Corfu, Pano Platia Spianada | 21:00

MELODRAMA; by Nikos Panagiotopoulos (1980)

A thirty-year-old man, returning from America in a complete existential crisis, comes to Corfu to see his sick mother and tries to get caught up in a hopeless love affair with a young music teacher.

The Melodrama; it begins with a window closing, as an ironic comment on André Bazin’s saying, “cinema is an open window on the world.” Here, Panagiotopoulos consciously removes the tensions from the actors’ performances, and uses the drenched, black-and-white Corfu landscape and the patina on the walls of the houses to achieve the psychological tension that a melodrama requires.

The place, therefore, becomes the inner landscape of the protagonist, a window that looks in, without a point of escape, as in the cinema of Alain Resnais. “Whoever speaks in the film is like disturbing an order of things, like disturbing”notes Panagiotopoulos.

Instead of dialogues, fragmentary monologues are heard from the tape recorder of Lefteris Vogiatzis, which always begin with the phrase, “My name is Giannis”. So melodrama? Yes, but not relationships. Existential. With myself.

The screenings are free and open to the public and are held with the support of local cultural institutions, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture & Sports as well as the Hellenic Cinema Center.

Board of Directors ESPEK: Sofia Georgovasili, Nikos Nikolopoulos, George Nousias, George Fourtounis, Angelos Frantzis

Organization/Coordination: Mei Karamanidis

Mobile Cinema: The moonlight cinema caravan (Spyros Skordos, Stratis Albanos, Orfeas Daktylas, Nikolas Georgiou)

Creative/Poster Design: Nektarios Pappas

Contact: Fotini Alevra

Texts: Nikos Nikolopoulos, Angelos Frantzis

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