For the 4th consecutive year the “Heraklion Gastronomy Days 2022” Festival

For the 4th consecutive year the “Heraklion Gastronomy Days 2022” Festival
For the 4th consecutive year the “Heraklion Gastronomy Days 2022” Festival

The most important gastronomic institution of Crete returns from September 23 to 27 to the Venetian Port of Heraklion with the aim of highlighting the Cretan diet.

The Municipality of Heraklion, in collaboration with the Region of Crete and the Port Authority of Heraklion, continue to promote the city as a gastronomic destination and, as part of the festival, they have planned rich events at the pier of Mikros Koule. Having welcomed more than 15,000 visitors in previous years, this year the event aims to break attendance records.

The program includes a combination of cultural, musical and culinary activities.

Award-winning Greek chefs will present recipes based on quality Cretan products:

-Friday 23/9 Michalis Hasikos and Stefanos Lavrenidis

-Sunday 25/9 Manolis Papoutsakis, Aristotelis Zervas and Maria Kamnaki,

– Monday 26/9 Tasos Papadakis and Yiannis Kornaros

-Tuesday 27/9 Hector Botrini and Christos Lapas.

Also, in the musical concerts aimed at showing the richness of Cretan culture, great artists will appear, such as Giorgos Xylouris, Giorgos Nikiforou Zervakis, Antonis Martsakis with his band, Vassilis Stavrakakis and Michalis Tzouganakis.

Finally, the five-day event includes parallel actions throughout the Municipality of Heraklion, while throughout its duration there will be an exhibition of traditional products from commercial businesses operating in Heraklion. Yes, one of the days will be dedicated to the gastronomy and local products of the three municipalities of the Prefecture of Imathia.

The responsible deputy mayor for tourism of the Municipality of Heraklion, Giorgos Sisamakis, in a statement says: “We are looking forward to the start of the 4u Gastronomy Festival of Heraklion, which has evolved into the most important institution of Crete. This specific action is part of the strategic planning of the Municipality to promote Heraklion as a gastronomic destination, a destination that for 365 days a year will give the visitors of Crete the opportunity to taste Cretan food products and experience Cretan hospitality. Our goal is for Heraklion to become a sustainable tourist destination, an undertaking which cannot be achieved without the synergy of all the agencies, as is the case with the days of gastronomy.”

The Gastronomy Festival is organized by the Municipality of Heraklion, the Region of Crete and the Port Authority of Heraklion together with the Development Organization “Heraklion M.A.E.”, DEPANAL and DIKEI, with the support of all the agencies active in Tourism and Gastronomy in Heraklion. It is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Hellenic Tourism Organization.

The largest School of Gastronomy in Greece, IEK AKMI, is also included in the support of the initiative, where it will offer the possibility of two scholarships for cooking and pastry making.

The co-organizers of the events are the Chamber of Heraklion, the Agri-Food Partnership of the Region of Crete, the Association of Tourist and Travel Agencies of Crete (ACTTA), the Hoteliers’ Union of Heraklion, the Pan-Cretan Association of Hotel Managers, Wines of Crete, the Association of Professional Guides of Crete & Santorini, the Corps of Volunteer Samaritan Rescuers and Lifeguards of Heraklion, the Cultural Association of Thrapsanou, the Festival of Cretan Cuisine, the Development Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Crete, the Club of Chefs of Crete and the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Heraklion Prefecture.

You can see the program of the “Heraklion, Gastronomy Days 2022/Heraklion Gastronomy Days 2022” events here.

For more information contact:

Dimitra Parashakis

[email protected]


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