Tennis: With Ecuador, Greece in the Davis Cup

The draw for Greece in the Davis Cup can be described as favorable as it will face Ecuador at home, in the World Group 1 play offs.

At home, against Ecuador, the National tennis team will compete in the World Cup 1 play offs in Davis Cup.

After the draw that took place at the offices of the World Federation, our national team will play the three days of February 3-5, 2003 with the team of Ecuador, with the winner going to the 1st category (September), which is a “preliminary” of the his finals Davis Cup.

If it fails, then it will play in September 2023 with one of the winners of the World Group II play offs.

However, the draw can be described as favorable as the best player of Ecuador is Emilio Gomezwho is at No. 114 in the world ranking, followed by Queiroz (No. 265) and Stand up (No. 724).

The pairings of the play offs in WorldGroup 1

  • Japan – Poland
  • Greece – Ecuador
  • China – Brazil
  • Denmark – India
  • Thailand – Romania
  • Latvia – Israel
  • Peru – Ireland
  • Mexico – Taipei
  • Ukraine – Lebanon
  • Turkey – Slovenia
  • Lithuania – Pakistan
  • New Zealand – Bulgaria

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