Wild match Portosalte – Papapanagiotou

Wild match Portosalte – Papapanagiotou
Wild match Portosalte – Papapanagiotou

A fierce fight broke out between Aris Portosalte, Babis Papapanagiotou and Phoivos Claudianos in SKAI.

Tones rose initially between Phoivos Claudianos and Babis Papapanagiotouwho disagreed about which topic they should talk about first: about Turkey or about the developments in the Commission of Inquiry.

THE Phoebus Claudianos he insisted on asking his interlocutors “is it right for files to be destroyed by the EYP?” referring to the issue of surveillance and Babis Papapanagiotou said that “while Erdogan accuses Greece of crimes against humanity, a large part of the Opposition remains silent”.

The discussion also “entered”. Ares Portosalte saying “what are we waiting for… for SYRIZA to denounce Erdogan when… he calls Erdogan in Greece?” Tell Rammos to go further (s.s. addressing Mr. Claudianos)”.

THE Phoebus Claudianos he said that “Erdogan’s attitude is reprehensible” and added that “I don’t know why no official announcement was made by the parties, however, officials were appointed”.

Then Babis Papapanagiotou interrupted him, while Phoivos Claudianos repeated “let me speak” and Aris Portosalte said: “let Babis speak the Turkish views”.

Then the Phoebus Claudianus attacked Aris Portosalte saying that “what he says is impermissible. It’s a vulgar way of dealing with the interlocutor.” At another point, he said: “Shut up, my Mars, so I can say my point of view.”

Then the Phoebus Claudianos he said that he was not allowed to speak and added that “they are both thrown like I don’t know what”.

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