Greece is not tarnished by Erdogan’s vulgar propaganda

Greece is not tarnished by Erdogan’s vulgar propaganda
Greece is not tarnished by Erdogan’s vulgar propaganda

Greece is not intimidated, not intimidated ‘and obviously not tarnished from the nonsense from the non-existent things that were said from the floor of the (UN) general assembly yesterday,” the government spokesman stressed Giannis Oikonomou commenting on SKAI TV on Erdoğan’s speech in New York.

He emphasized that the Turkish president made an unprecedented attempt to spread fake news, completely distort reality and vulgar propaganda, with completely unfounded claims in contrary to what actually happens.

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“What is really happening is that Turkey is systematically violating international treaties that it has signed, using refugees and migrants as tools, giving back – to say the least, to smugglers who put people on boats and their lives are at risk , in contrast to the Greek state that saves human lives and that guards the borders of Greece and Europe as it should”, noted Mr. Oikonomou.

He also recalled that Erdogan spoke to the UN in an unfavorable context where:

We have lifted the arms embargo to Cyprus, “and the Turks are still waiting”.

There are constant statements by officials that borders, national sovereignty, and international treaties must be absolutely respected.

The geopolitical and geostrategic power of our country is constantly being upgraded, a fact “that worries the other side”.

SYRIZA should be concerned – You cannot oppose your country

The government representative called the officer opposition to worry after Erdogan’s speech yesterday and also the developments with the NGO that recognized that the refugees in Evros were not in Greek territory.

He called on SYRIZA to “redefine its coordinates” on these issues as while we are in a very difficult political scene internally and there is toxicity, limits must be set and the propaganda of foreign forces must not be adopted.

“The limits must be entered when instead of you oppose the governmentyou oppose your country by adopting arguments, propaganda, positions, which emit forces alien to Greece and which proves at the end of the day that they are fake and false».

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