Music School of Tripoli: A historical documentary born in the midst of the pandemic (pics, vid)

Music School of Tripoli: A historical documentary born in the midst of the pandemic (pics, vid)
Music School of Tripoli: A historical documentary born in the midst of the pandemic (pics, vid)

On Tuesday, September 20, the documentary created by the students and teachers of the Music School of Tripoli “Tripolitsa: landmark of games” was presented for the first time to the Tripoli audience at the Malliaropoulio Theater.

With the fall of Tripoli as a central theme, the students saw important historical points of our city from a different perspective. Always guided by the valuable help of their teachers, each student unfolded their own talent during the making of this documentary.

Storytelling, singing, dancing but also new things like directing and editing were the things the students engaged in and explored.

The director of the music school, Mr. Vassilis Bistolas, the teacher of the music school, Mr. Dimitris Koutouzos, and one of the students who took part, Ms. Vergou Konstantina, spoke to the camera of

Mr. Bistolas initially pointed out that the idea of ​​the documentary is something that was born in the pandemic, since not everything they wanted to present could be told up close. In addition, he emphasized that through the legislation the Music School must organize such actions while he believed that there will be participation in this project from other schools as well.

Mr. Koutouzos also spoke, who stated that the children, each in their own way, played a decisive role in the creation of this documentary. The aim was that through the activity the children would come into contact with historical corners of our city. A way of learning about local history in an experiential way, which the children really enjoyed. Mr. Koutouzos informed us that the school is planning another similar action, this time it is a historical walk during the National Resistance.

In closing, the student of the Music School Mrs. Vergou pointed out that with the help of their teachers they managed to get in touch with many new things such as editing and directing as well as local history. In addition to learning, making a documentary bonded the children even more. Mrs. Vergou wishes with great joy to see other such actions taking place at the school, as she characteristically said “we can do very different things and approach the world from a very different perspective”

The event was honored with their presence by the mayor of Tripoli K. Tzioumis, the president of the municipal council Mrs. Georgia Panagopoulou and the deputy mayor for Culture Mrs. Eleni Karuntzou.

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