How will the UN respond to Erdogan’s “fake news” about the children drowning in the Aegean

How will the UN respond to Erdogan’s “fake news” about the children drowning in the Aegean
How will the UN respond to Erdogan’s “fake news” about the children drowning in the Aegean

“Overwhelming and absolutely documented” will be the answer he intends to give Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the floor of the General Assembly of the United to the “completely non-existent and slanderous” claims of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that “Greece is drowning migrant children in the Aegean».

“Everything will be answered in the appropriate way in my speech on Friday”, said Mr. Mitsotakis characteristically, arriving at midnight on Tuesday (Greece time) in New Yorkwhere earlier – and while the Greek Prime Minister was on a flight to the headquarters of the United Nations – the Turkish President’s show with the fake onesas the Greek side insists, images of dead migrant children.

The Greek government, although “he wasn’t particularly surprised“, as high-ranking diplomatic sources explained, from the extreme rhetoric against our country used by Mr. Erdogan, its officials, however, did not hide their intense annoyance both with the unusual tactics he followed and with the false images presented by his step UNas well as with the heavy defamatory accusations he unleashed.

“Neither more nor less, Erdogan has accused a European country, such as Greece, of crimes against humanity and this, however unbelievable it may be to most, is a smear campaign against our country that cannot be tolerated and don’t let it pass like that”, pointed out a leading Greek diplomatic source, shortly after the… “visualized challenge“, as the Turkish President’s speech was ironically characterized. Speech, which was interspersed with the photo show, which included images that for many days have been reported by the Greek Coast Guard that “are fabricated fake news”.

The Greek diplomatic authorities were on high alert as they reportedly expected “a Turkish response to the provocative maps and extreme rhetoric of Turkish officials that our side has been presenting lately in all international fora.” The initial thought immediately after Erdoğan’s speech – challenge was for the Greek Permanent Mission to the United Nations to submit a text – rebuttal.

The answer Mitsotakis

Since, however, such a thing is not foreseen by the international Organization’s operating procedure and therefore would not have a practical diplomatic effect, it was considered that the immediate reaction of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, who was at the United Nations and had contacts, was sufficient in the first year with his counterparts, to be followed by the comprehensive rebuttal of the non-existent and unheard of Erdoğan claims that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will make in his speech scheduled for Friday.

In any case, the Greek prime minister was planning even before Erdogan spoke to denounce Ankara’s continuous provocative actions against our country’s sovereign rights in the Aegean, as well as to criticize “the fully developed revisionism of the Turkish leadership that is reminiscent of Putin’s tactics and threatens security and peace in the Eastern Mediterranean”.

Asked if, after Erdoğan’s provocative intervention, he intends to change the content of the speech he was going to make, Kyriakos Mitsotakis answered sibylically: “Not particularly.” While in another question whether his own speech will include… “visualization”, i.e. maps or other images with the eloquent Turkish provocations, he does not want to reveal his intentions: “Wait for his speech and you will see”, he limited himself to answering.

Why did he take the discussion to Immigration?

At the same time, however, high-ranking diplomatic agents meaningfully observed that “Erdogan chose to attack Greece on immigration, while he avoided repeating everything he claims recently about the Aegean islands and the rhetoric of questioning Greek sovereignty on what he articulatesas well as the threats it throws out”.

The explanation given by the same actors is that this tactic is an “indirect recognition” of Ankara’s leadership that “these are extreme claims made for reasons to do with internal party balances in their own country, but in international audiences they cannot find logical grounds”.

As a diplomatic source typically said, “there is no sane man, who will see the Turkish-Libyan memorandum or the maps of the so-called “blue homeland” and will say that what is right and just is what Turkey claims”. That is why other sources claimed that “because Ankara expected that Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis will return to the specific issue, citing the provocative Turkish maps that he showed last May to White House and in Congress and presented later in European sessions, both himself and Nikos Dendias, Erdogan chose to move the debate to the “field” of immigration.

The Turkish President, as they argue, estimated that this could damage Greece’s international credibility. A goal, however, which is considered not to be successful since our country abides by international law and saves daily the lives of refugees and immigrants, who, on the contrary, are “used by the Ankara regime for economic and geostrategic reasons manifested both in blackmail against Europe and in the hybrid war that has been unleashed against of Greece in the Evros and the Aegean».

Competent sources insist on all of this, “Erdogan will receive his due overwhelming and completely substantiated answers from Kyriakos Mitsotakis, answers that were chosen to be given from the same forum where the misleading lies of the leadership of neighboring country».

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