Fever in the technical companies for projects over 4 billion euros

Fever in the technical companies for projects over 4 billion euros
Fever in the technical companies for projects over 4 billion euros

By Tetis Igoumenidis
[email protected]

In preparation for their participation, by the end of the year, in tenders for infrastructure projects (buildings, roads, dams) mainly PPP and some private, with a total value exceeding 4 billion. euros, the technical companies are located.

It is an expression of interest or submission of offers with the size of the projects and the type of contract referring to the large construction groups, GEK Terna, otherwise, Avax, Intracat, Mytileneos, while pointing out that the duration of a competition cannot be estimated.

In particular for PPP contracts, the experience so far shows that many years pass from the moment the tender is launched until the contracts are signed.

Obviously, the same is not the case with private projects, and this time is long enough. The projects in Elliniko that Lamda Development is going to announce in the near future, with a total investment budget of around 600 million euros (the two shopping centers Vouliagmenis Mall and Riviera Galleria and the sports facilities in the park) stand out, as well as the three hospitals – donation in the public sector of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (pediatrics in Thessaloniki and general medicine in Sparta and Komotini) with a budget of around 300 million for which bids are requested 12/30/22.

The list of PPPs that will occupy the technical world until the end of 2022, unless of course the dates are moved, something quite common, includes the 4 PPPs (submission of expression of interest 31/10/22) recently announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure, totaling 1.1 billion euros, 2 roads and 2 dams: “Study, Construction, Financing of the Upgrade of the road axis EO2 (Mavrovouni – Edessa, Bypass Giannitsa, Bypass Chalcedon), budget 445 million, “Vertical Axis Drama – Amfipoli (Palaikomi) , 248 million, “Projects to exploit the water potential of the Tavronitis River P.E. Chania of Crete” 267 million and “Construction of the Enipea River Dam in Farsalon (at the location of Palioderli)”, 230 million euros.

For 2/12/22 the submission of bids for the PPP operation and maintenance of the Thessaloniki Metro (292 million) has been set.

The submission of tenders for 17 schools in Central Macedonia (PPP, 160 million) has been set for September 30 (it has been postponed several times) and for November 21 the tenders for the student residences of the University of Crete (206 million) have been moved.

The next day (22/11) the companies have been invited to declare their presence for the PPP concerning 5 new police headquarters (€56.8 million) and on October 14 for the solid waste treatment of Santorini.

Also, it has been announced that within this year (without the dates being set yet) binding offers will be submitted for the concession of the Northern Road Axis of Crete (BOAK), budget 1.3 billion (Chania – Heraklion, length 157.5 km. ).

The Ministry of Infrastructure has also announced that within 2022, Attiko Metro will announce the extension of Line 2 of the Athens Metro, in the Anthoupoli – Ilion section, with a budget of 350 million euros, the only public project we record in this report.

It seems that the most frequent choice of the government is PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships). If one observes the record on the website of the General Secretariat of Private Investments and Public-Private Partnerships, there are only 14 contracted PPPs and those that are in the process stage (submission of expression of interest, competitive dialogue, etc.) 41.

7 of the 14 (completed) PPPs were contracted in 2014 (fire stations, school units, Urban Transport Telematics System, Development of Broadband Infrastructure in “white” areas, etc.) and the rest which mainly concern Waste Treatment Units later.

In other words, in the 8 years between 2014 and today, only 7 PPPs have been contracted, but as we mentioned above, tenders have been announced for dozens.

Construction market executives note that the PPP award process is extremely complex. The fact that the public and private sectors need to agree on both funding and operation takes time. They also underline that there is a great immaturity in the management of such contracts by the contracting authorities, which are often universities, local government bodies, etc.

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