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In Agios Loukas, the burial of the 4-year-old refugee girl and the fetus that died helplessly

The last act of the drama that unfolded a few days ago off Crete, was written yesterday afternoon at the cemetery of Agios Loukas in Chania. The Cretan land accepted in its arms the 4-year-old Lozyn from Syria who died helpless from cachexia, starvation and dehydration, and together with the eight-month-old fetus, which before even seeing the light of life, met death.

The Social Shelter – Migrant Shelter of Chania, with the support of collectives, arranged for the transfer of the tragic parents to a hosting hostel of the Partnership in Chania where they will stay temporarily and also for the burial of the 4-year-old and the fetus. It is the epilogue of one of the hundreds of human dramas played out in the Mediterranean, on rotten shipwrecks piled high with innocent souls.

The burial of the four-year-old Lozyn from Syria and the 8-month-old fetus, captures the most cruel and heartbreaking aspect of the refugee and the darkest, the last disembarkation of refugees in Crete. The silence at St. Luke’s Cemetery was deafening yesterday. The lifeless bodies, a punch in the stomach of a society that is still looking for refugee management policies.

A few flowers for the two little angels and a process of a few minutes composed the scene. The burial took place in the presence of members of collectives, members of the branch of the Greek Red Cross and people of the Muslim community of Chania. A representative of the organization “Social Shelter – Immigrants’ Shelter of Chania” recalled that the victims from this refugee caravan started from Lebanon bound for Malta. The boat carrying them sent out a distress signal and in cooperation with the Greek Chamber of Operations, Search and Rescue after communication with the Maltese counterpart, their rescue operation was set up on September 6 in the sea area south of Crete. As he pointed out, “these people traveled for fifteen days without water and food.

The Palestinian mother who miscarried was injured during the transfer operation from the boat to the cargo ship and another person remains in hospital. And the four-year-old who had fallen into a coma was the reason why there was a response. We are talking about an ongoing crime that happens next to us and has become normal. It is a clear transnational murder.”

The couple from Syria, now left with only 1.5-year-old Moira, their youngest girl, in the unbearable pain of losing their child, is asked to stand up. And the mother from Palestine who was rescued along with sixty other refugees off the coast of Crete and transferred to Kalous Limenes, experienced in the hardest way the journey of hope that turned into a tragedy. The “Sea of ​​Solidarity” from Heraklion arranged for her and her husband’s transfer to a Partnership apartment in Chania.

“We are here to support as much as we can the drama of the parents who lost their child and their demands regarding asylum and how they will be able to get back on their feet must be met immediately” said Babis Louchetis, Representative of the Union of Parents of the Municipality of Chania.

Regarding Lozyn, the little refugee girl who left for the neighborhood of the angels, Seraphim Rizos, a member of the Movement “United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat” said that “this child should be alive and have found his place in schools in our area. However, because of Europe’s fortress policy and closed borders, the Mediterranean is littered with corpses and the corpses of young children. This little boy is one of them.”

The 4-year-old with the bright smile and sparkling eyes, is one of the hundreds of refugee children who have been lost in the waters of the Mediterranean. From today she is in the arms of the land of Crete together with the 8-month-old fetus.





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