HEL.AS: Major blow to migrant trafficking rings from Turkey to Greece – Two “masterminds” arrested

HEL.AS: Major blow to migrant trafficking rings from Turkey to Greece – Two “masterminds” arrested
HEL.AS: Major blow to migrant trafficking rings from Turkey to Greece – Two “masterminds” arrested

After a long-term investigation, the Migration Management Department of the Directorate of Aliens of Attica managed to deconstruct the activity of a criminal group, whose members were active in the illegal trafficking of foreigners from Turkey to Greece, through the Evros region, with the aim of promoting them to other European countries Countries.

According to the relevant announcement of the Hellenistic Greek Orthodox Church, after a major police operation that took place yesterday in the areas of Kypseli and Agios Panteleimon, two foreigners were arrested. He is a leading member of the ring and another key member, who allegedly entered into a significant number of agreements.


During the above operation, one more foreigner was arrested, who did not have the necessary documents for legal residence in Greece.

A case file was filed against them for the specific offenses of criminal organization, facilitating illegal entry or exit, possession of passports and travel documents of third parties, and forgery.

Five more foreigners are accused of the same crimes in the case file.

As it turned out, the members of the ring, in collaboration with criminal groups operating in Turkey, undertook the organization of illegal promotions from Turkey to Greece through the Evros area.

They then supplied the foreigners with the necessities, providing them with clothing, food and tickets, and promoted them to other European countries, either through the Athens International Airport, or from other regional airports.

The members of the ring would escort the migrants to the airports to make sure they boarded the designated flights, and if they failed to board, they would try to forward them through another airport using other passports.


The ring, in order to cover its illegal activity, operated as a “front office” travel agency for the issuance of airline tickets using forged travel documents, which they prepared, as well as a convenience store (mini market), which operated as an office of illegal non-banking transactions using the “HAWALA” method.

A combined study of the case evidence revealed that the ring has entered into at least 570 deals to smuggle immigrants.

Through the operation of the “HAWALA” system, it is clear that only from May to November 2021, the circuit received an amount of money exceeding 120,000 euros from immigrant candidates for promotion.

As reported by EL.AS., the entire operation is part of the implementation of the National Business Plan (NSB) and the EMPACT program, to combat the illegal trafficking of migrants, led by Greece.


The arrested were taken to the Piraeus Criminal Prosecutor.

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