First they buy stationery, then bags – Increases also change student habits

First they buy stationery, then bags – Increases also change student habits
First they buy stationery, then bags – Increases also change student habits

The first week after the students went back to school and the new school year started, has ended, However, the traffic in the bookstores of the city of Patras is satisfactory but it has not reached, for example, the pre-covid year of 2019.

The bookseller Yannis Mantas speaking to, He said that the increase in the price of school supplies has averaged 20% and that what he has tried to do is to secure items at the best possible prices such as a 50 sheet plastic notebook with a name brand label that sells for 85 cents , an amount corresponding to 2021 as well as a Polo brand school bag that costs 25 euros, also at roughly the same price levels as last year.

Mr. Mantas considers the movement to be good, however he notices that the people are gathered and there are many who have not shopped yet, they ask about the prices, decide what they will get and promise to come again in the next few days when they may have been paid.

In the bags, as mentioned by Christos Papachristou of the bookstore “The Book Corner” the increase was not special and did not exceed 10-15%. “Despite the increases we tried to lower the prices as much as possible and although I think the traffic was a little better compared to the corresponding last year as we did not have the restrictions due to covid and people freely enter the bookstores, the increase in turnover and traffic that it can be 5%, it is lost due to the accuracy”, Mr. Papachristou said characteristically to, emphasizing that the phenomenon was observed, as in the past, of parents and their children coming to shop four together, or even grandparents with their children. grandchildren”.

All consumables, including the sought-after items of the day such as notebooks, erasers, pencils, pens, pads, scratchers, etc., had an increase of 15 to 25%. However, the items that have literally exploded, causing serious concern among booksellers, are, for example, the photocopy paper that is widely used and that has now sold for at least 6.5 euros per pack of 500 sheets, when it did not exceed 4 a year ago. 30 euros. So the branded photocopy paper (Inacopia, Navigator) has risen to 6.5 to 7 euros with the booksellers trying their best by lowering their profit rates in order to serve the world as best as possible.

Last year, Mr. Mantas estimates, people were thirstier after the suffering and confinement due to covid. “It was an outbreak, a boom, and I would say that there were almost no products left available last year,” he told, adding that most people this year are hesitant, that traffic and turnover are practically overshadowed by constant price increases, how they find the news products increasingly at different prices upwards and how in general it is an unstable situation that creates insecurity to themselves and to the consumer public.

Finally, it is noteworthy that in previous years it was customary to come first to buy the school bag and then the school items on the list, while now stationery & consumables have taken the lead with the bag possibly following due to higher costs.

Of course, the movement is expected to continue until the end of September as there is also the market for English and foreign language books or teaching aids.

The comforting element was the joy with which people entered the bookstore to buy school supplies once & always September marks the beginning of a new (hopeful) season, even if this year the whole atmosphere is overshadowed by the threat of punctuality and the unbearable expenses like electricity bills and of course the anxiety about how the winter will go.

*Also note how bookstores throughout this period, due to traffic and meeting people’s needs for the purchase of school supplies, are also open on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

The article is in Greek

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