Allou Fun Park: Injured lawyer targets audit firm – How many people should have been on boat (picture)

The lawyer of the four injured leaves a new statement against the private control company of the train in which the Allou Fan Park accident took place. What does he claim was the violation?

According to the law office of Mr. Kapernaros, although the control and security company that undertook to clarify the circumstances in which the accident occurred at the amusement park supported the smooth operation of the technical safety devices, where no malfunction was found, a “fire” document » indicates that there has been a violation of the rules of operation of the game.

More specifically, Mr. Kapernaros states: “We have in our hands a copy of the above-mentioned report, in which, among other things, it is expressly stated:

Following the above, it is clear that the operation of the game in question was in complete violation of the conditions of its safe operation since there were 4 people on board the boat at the same time that the controlling company states in the 23/6/2022 that the passengers had to be 3 !!! Despite the preparation of the specific report by the above-mentioned auditing company, its representatives, through a press release, contradict the observance of the conditions of smooth and safe operation, coming face to face with reality and the truth.

For what reason is this auditing company lying and trying to mislead the competent prosecutorial and public authorities? For what reason, while it is known to all that there were 4 on board, while the conditions of normal operation require 3, and the officials of their company know this, they brazenly seek to distort the truth, to the detriment of 4 children but also to the detriment of all the citizens of the country, who could possibly find themselves in the position of the current victims? This is dedicated to the General Secretariat of Industry, General Directorate of Industrial Infrastructure and Business Environment of the Ministry of Development and Investments for further actions to follow.”


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