“We take part in the demonstrations and shout Cheap electricity for all the people!”

“We take part in the demonstrations and shout Cheap electricity for all the people!”
“We take part in the demonstrations and shout Cheap electricity for all the people!”

On September 20th we take part in the mobilizations organized by the Union of Private Employees and the Builders’ Union of Kozani

to the electricity providers WATT&WOLT (Pavlou Mela) and PROTERGIA (Pavlou Harisis) at 7:00 pm and shout: Cheap electricity for all the people!

The lies are over! No family will be cold in their own home. No student will unfreeze during class. We will not allow them and we know the way. The strengthening of our organization, the massification of our unions, the development of the struggle, is our strength.

What we have experienced in the last year are continuous and rapid increases in the price of energy, with the result that electricity, district heating, oil and petrol have turned into very expensive luxuries. The family budget has been “blown up”. Coupled with skyrocketing increases in housing and consumer goods, workers dig into their wallets ten days after being paid and find only ID.

We are tired of hearing from current and former government officials that this winter will be difficult. But they don’t tell us for whom! How difficult will the winter be for the Greek energy groups, whose profitability breaks the counters by registering a record of profits in the first half of the year?

They did not take the pain for our lives. They project what comes to scare us. So that we don’t react. To continue to give a “shit” of money every month in taxes for the government to generously offer to the energy groups to collect the bills. At the same time the increases announced by the providers in August range from 900 to 1100%.

They come to the point of shamelessly asking the people, in order not to freeze from the cold, to spend the winter with blankets. To become “responsible” and contribute to the effort to reduce consumption, as if before the workers consumed recklessly because they had money left over.

Increases in energy are not skyrocketing. No evil suddenly found us, nor is the supposed inadequacy of the respective government to blame. The responsibilities for the problems we live in have a name and it is called a strategy to support the profits of capital. This was served by all the governments that “liberated” the electricity market. Who supported de-lignitization and the energy exchange.

The consequences of this policy are being felt by the whole people. Employees, students, freelancers and retirees. A recent event is the interruption of electricity to a student in the city of Kozani, who is working to make ends meet, due to a small debt.

We claim:

  • Drastic reduction and ceiling on electricity, heating oil, district heating tariffs.
  • Abolition of Excise Tax and VAT on oil, petrol, natural gas and electricity.
  • To immediately stop power outages for families who are unable to pay.
  • Immediate reconnection of electricity to the working student
  • Reconnections to the cut electricity with the only condition being the agreement to settle the debts on favorable terms, without advance payment and with many low installments to pay off the bills.
  • No interruption of power supply to the school units



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