“We neither had nor have any transaction as a Region”

“We neither had nor have any transaction as a Region”
“We neither had nor have any transaction as a Region”

For assignments of hundreds of thousands of euros by the State, local government bodies and various legal entities, during the period of the government of the Minister of State and Digital Governance Mrs. Pierrakakis to companies connected to the polling company Opinion Poll through their joint owner, Michael Diamantis , spoke to “Avgi” newspaper published its publication on September 15.

The publication was followed by a statement from the head of Digital Governance K.O. SYRIZA-P.S. Mario Katsis, Member of Parliament for Thesprotia, who stated, among other things, that “Mr. Mitsotakis’ ND is a very good customer of the Diamantis companies as blue mayors have given €1,120,357.96 and another €167,706.93 to blue regional governors among them and the regional governor of Epirus Mr. Kahrimanis”.

Mr. Kahrimanis commented today, of his own accord, on the statement of Mr. Katsis, speaking of a “superficial statement” regarding “a company of some Diamantis”…

“The Region of Epirus has not entered into any cooperation agreement with the Opinion Poll company, nor with Mr. Diamantis, nor with the European Institute of Self-Government (i.e. one of Mr. Diamantis’ companies according to the publication of “Avgi”) . And I wondered about them because I control all things…” he characteristically said.

He said, however, that the Epirus Regional Development Fund (a private legal entity that manages funds and is chaired by Mr. Kahrimanis), within the framework of its obligations for the implementation of European programs, makes payments to other entities as well.

“The only thing that is true is that the Regional Fund of Epirus paid someone else who collaborated in the period 2015-2016 with the Municipality of Delvinos, the Municipality of Pogoni and with the local Economy and Development companies from Avlona, ​​Albania, with this company the Greek (European Institute of Self-Government) within the Interreg Greece-Albania program,” he said verbatim.

And in conclusion he said: “So we have nothing to do with them and neither did we have any dealings as the Region of Epirus, which so easily tried to put some labels on us”.

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