The pensioners of Larissa for the Prime Minister’s announcements at the TIF

The pensioners of Larissa for the Prime Minister’s announcements at the TIF
The pensioners of Larissa for the Prime Minister’s announcements at the TIF

The Collaborating Pension Organizations, commenting on what the Prime Minister said in his speech at the TIF, about the issues concerning pensioners, have the following to note:

“Pensioners cannot accept and call increases, the amounts announced by the Prime Minister at TIF, but instead as new reductions and this is because:

1) The amounts of the so-called increases announced by the Prime Minister were foreseen by the law passed by the SYRIZA-ANEL government in 2017 and the pensioners’ increases were prohibited until 2022. The prohibition was then postponed to 1/1/23. This was adopted by the current government and is implementing it.
The ND government, which had undertaken the commitment to abolish the Katrougalou law, maintains it and based on this law we had the announcements.

2) So how does the government and Mr. Prime Minister talk about increases in pensions, when for thirteen years they have been slaughtered with huge cuts by all governments in the main and auxiliary, widow’s pensions, with the removal of the 13th and 14th pension, of the EKAS , the one-off?

3) At the same time, were pensioners’ rights of a social nature such as spa therapy, therapeutic and social tourism, family allowances paid by them slaughtered? When their insurance funds were raided, when on this altar of cuts they pay 8.5 billion every year?
When all these years we have closures of hospitals, clinics, increases in participation in medicines? When all the years the prices are pulling upward and lately they have taken off?

4) The pensioners who have paid this huge price cannot accept as an increase of 6 maybe even 7% on average, when this percentage does not even cover the percentage of the price increase of the last interval. Even when these percentages are given only to the main and not to the auxiliary pensions. When the tax scale is not expanded and the tax office is lurking.

5) We cannot accept that a million or more pensioners who have the so-called personal difference, which was also legislated with the Katrougalou law, will not get a raise when it does not cover the personal difference. And these cases are over a million. In fact, in several cases the difference is so great, such as the pensioners of the OAEE, that they will never get a raise. The fact that until today the amount of the personal difference was given and had not been cut since 1/1/19, as originally voted, is due to the competitive action of the pensioners.

6) We cannot accept as the abolition of the solidarity levy the removal of only the small amount of law 3986/11 and at the same time the withholding of the multiple amount in favor of AKAGE since 2010. To whom do the thousand euro pensioners really offer solidarity?

7) We cannot accept and tolerate that 11-month retroactive payments are not given to all pensioners and with this money, as well as with the huge price hikes in electricity prices, the companies operating in this sector are financed with billions.

8) We cannot accept, instead of our paid gifts that have been cut for 10 years, that the governments give us, whenever it suits them, poverty allowances, and indeed only to certain pensioners.

Faced with this tragic situation that they have brought us, our claim and the framework of our demands remains intact and we will claim it with competitive mobilizations throughout the country in the next period.

On this basis we claim:

Ø Increases in all pensions now. Lower pension to 650 Euros from the 384 it is today. Our pensions should be issued immediately, the mockery with the software and the private companies that manage them should stop, the one-off cuts should stop.

Ø To immediately give all pensioners the 11-month retroactive paychecks that are illegally withheld without prerequisites.

Ø To return the 0.5% of GDP that the current government has passed by law and has not returned for 3 years, an amount that has reached 3 billion.

Ø To pay now the illegally withheld subscriptions (0.20) to the trade unions, due since 2018.

Ø To immediately recruit doctors, nurses in hospitals, to open those that have been closed. To create public nursing home structures everywhere.

Ø To abolish the anti-labor – anti-people – anti-insurance legislation and tax evasion.

Ø Recapitalize the insurance funds now.

Ø No to the destructive imperialist war with Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine, which we condemn, we demand that all our country’s involvement in the war, except for humanitarian aid, cease.

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