Murder in St. Varvara: New information on the “meeting” of a moral author and executor

Murder in St. Varvara: New information on the “meeting” of a moral author and executor
Murder in St. Varvara: New information on the “meeting” of a moral author and executor

From the case of extortion of the deceased Dimitris Tsovola were “familiar” o Instigate and the executor in of the murder of the man in Saint Barbara.

During police investigations to establish how the two had met thugsit emerged that this has happened in the case of the extortion of the late finance minister and lawyer Dimitris Tsovolas, when he had become the target of the action of prison mafia.

The Albanian thug, who has been convicted of moral turpitude in his murder Michalis Zafeiropoulouhe kept telling fellow prisoners of his intent to kill, taking revenge on the man in Saint Barbara.

At the same time, the executioner himself, as soon as he was arrested, revealed to the police how the particular thug gave him the order for the murder in Agia Varvara, through the prisonwith dozens of phone calls.


The research so far shows that it is about big clear up between gangs involved in drug trafficking.

Who will dominate the market in the greater Agia Barbara area and which gang will have the upper hand seems to have been the cause which is behind the two murders.

The Albanian who was arrested during a random check in Haidari with a Kalashnikov described the whole branch of criminal organizations and of gangs of the night that are intended to dominate specific gangs of criminals in specific areas.

The revelation came when the foreigner was yesterday in the hands of the authorities and the police found that it’s so The performer her homicide in Agia Varvara as well as performer in attempted murder in the center of Athens.

The descriptions of the witnesses as well as the footage from security cameras collected by the police in these two cases helped them to identify the perpetrator and to establish that he is a Baripoinite who had been involved in drugs, robberies, thefts, extortion in the past.

Now, the authorities have focused on locating this person and following the judicial investigation of the case.

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