Larissa: The video – document of the attack on police officers is shocking

Larissa: The video – document of the attack on police officers is shocking
Larissa: The video – document of the attack on police officers is shocking

A group of about 20 people attacked the police officers, as a result of which two of them were injured.

A shocking video – document that captures part of the recent attack by a group of people on two patrolling policemen in the area of ​​the Fortress in Larissa, is brought to the public by

The incident had taken place on September 4, Sunday morning, when, according to the police, a 35-year-old cyclist blocked the path of a patrol vehicle of the Immediate Action Department, which was moving around a city square, stopping it with his bicycle.

Despite the prompting of the police, the 35-year-old refused to leave the scene, and then refused police control, swearing and pushing the police away.

During his immobilization, a group of approximately 20 so far unknown individuals attacked the police officers, resulting in the injury of two of them. The injured police officers were taken to a city hospital, where they were given first aid.

It should be noted that the video-document captures a part of everything that happened that night and not the entirety of the unprecedented incident.

Watch the video:

It is recalled that the 35-year-old was arrested and brought to court where he was sentenced to 37 months in prison without parole. The trial of two women who allegedly participated in the incident is also pending.

Finally, it is noted that the Municipal Council of Larisa also took a position on the incident, which with its resolution (which was not approved only by the “Popular Mobilization” party close to the KKE) “unequivocally condemned the attack received by police officers of the Immediate Action Department on the hill of the Fortress , by a group of individuals and which resulted in the injury of two uniformed persons”.

Video – photo source:

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