Don’t say you HAD to know…

For another year, the historic event – a landmark for Thessaloniki has begun.

Visits, planning, announcements, meetings, policies, politicians all within the ten days that opens today…

And among all these memories. From the top event of the city that gathers a large number of people every year, although last year the corona virus kept many away from it.

Memories from well-known persons or even ordinary citizens – after all, there are few who did not have at least one experience from the TIF during its 86 years.

But also memories from renowned artists and institutions of the city who deal with culture.

Through the booth of the press complex “Macedonia Information” which will be located at a central point of the Helexpo facilities during all the days of the event, a series of representatives of culture will “parade” who will unfold memories, announce plans, talk about the nature of the bodies they represent, they will give news in general and specifically.

In a series of relaxed and spontaneous discussions that will be videotaped and shown through the portal, the people of Thessaloniki’s culture and not only will have a platform to express their concerns, talk about their problems, analyze their opinions.

Culture, a neglected subject both in state budgets and programming as well as in most media, is an essential capital for our organization, whose leaders know and understand – which is by no means self-evident – its value and dynamics in a country like Greece, which should be its “heavy artillery”.

So don’t say you HAD to know everything that will be said about this piece at our booth. Tune in to and you will learn a lot about one of the most interesting parts of the art of living, prospering and constantly winning!

*Published in “MtK” on 10-11.09.2022

The article is in Greek


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