Why we need to know if Putin funds parties

Why we need to know if Putin funds parties
Why we need to know if Putin funds parties

Last Tuesday, the State Department released a report by the American secret services with evidence that we all suspected.

That is, that Moscow finances unnamed [ακροδεξιά και λαϊκιστικά] parties, aiming to influence political events in over 24 countries and weaken Western democracies.

This official reveal confirmed our worst fears: It’s not just the Russian trolls and hackers that attempt to interfere in the elections of foreign countries (USA, France-presidential 2017). It is not only the Russian media that is propagandizing around the world, with plenty of money. Putin has set up a massive mind-bending machine, around the world, and is paying millions to dismantle Western democracies and increase Russia’s influence abroad, the State Department has learned.


The Washington Post revealed, in fact, that more data will soon be provided on Russian transfers to parties and individual political figures. In some Asian country, he specifically writes, the Russian ambassador gave millions of dollars in cash to a presidential candidate! As he notes, the Americans have already taken Prigozhin, known as “Putin’s chef“, who made huge remittances for Russian government catering contracts, and was charged by US officials in 2018 with trying to interfere in the 2016 US election. He was linked to the private mercenary company Wagner and wanted by the FBI!

We’ve also learned that Moscow has used cryptocurrencies, cash and gifts, often using secret embassy accounts and funds, to pay off its elites. It also uses companies, think tanks and social media to influence political events. “The easiest use (of the resources) is on social media, to promote their (the Russians’) narrative.“, the American ambassador told La Repubblica.

In other words, what we read or hearduring an election campaign, could have been inspired or promoted (with compensation) by Moscow.

In Italy, which is included in the American dossier, this news fell like a thunderbolt. It made headlines and caused an uproar, less than ten days before the election. Concerns about Russian funding concern all three parties of the Italian populist right, the Americans say, and the Italians are being investigated.

And the question is: Will we also search if something like this happened in Greece? Will the parties seek the truth and transparency that they constantly invoke, even for the most trivial of occasions? Which dignitaries will chase this bass?


It is not yet known if Greek parties or politicians or companies are on the Americans’ list. But shouldn’t we know what has happened? Who are promoting, possibly also in Greece, with Russian funding, positions that undermine the foundations of our European democracy? The only thing known, for now – and K. Mitsotakis mentioned it to the TIF – is his case Russian businessman Malofeyev, who financed with 10,000,000 euros, through companies, the creation of a Russian propaganda channel in Greece.

The revelation of the Americans about the “Putin list» with the millions, only the large independent media published in Greece. Those friendly to the opposition either wiped it out or saw “conspiracy scenarios” and mumbled something strange about “anti-democratic diversion”.

All those who supposedly fight for the freedom of the press and expression, suddenly lost their speech. The sensitive pens, which cry all day long about the quality of our Republic, suddenly fell silent. Apparently, they are not interested in letting the citizens know what will happen if we entrust the country to leaders who have financial back and forth with Putin. Those willing to reach the European Parliament even for a piece of fake news are missing. They are probably all praying that the US will “cooperate” in the most subtle way so we never know the truth!

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