Autumn weekend destinations near Athens

Autumn weekend destinations near Athens
Autumn weekend destinations near Athens

Summer may be gone, but Greece has the great advantage of having destinations for escape at all times of the year.

And autumn is often the continuation of summer, a time when you can still enjoy the coastal areas of the country or seek a quieter retreat in the more mountainous areas. In any case, they say that for many, September is the best vacation at sea and not without reason, while the colors of October are among the most magical along with those of spring. If you now want to get away for a weekend near Athens, there are several options and autumn destinations to choose from.


A destination you will love for your autumn getaways. Mainalo and its villages await you for a restful and relaxing weekend, generously offering you nature as well as the high level of services in accommodation and restaurants. It is not easy to decide in which village of Mainalo to have your base, but this is not a problem because Mainalo is not the destination you will choose once and for all. If you are in the area for the first time, we suggest you choose Dimitsana or Vytina and get to know these two beautiful and picturesque villages first. Dimitsana is about 2.5 hours away from Athens and is one of the most well-preserved traditional villages of Mountainous Arcadia. One of the very positive aspects of Dimitsana is that it is a destination for many different types of holidays. So it is certain that it will not disappoint you.

Mountainous Corinthia

Mountainous and the next autumn destination and Mountainous Corinthia could not be missing from our suggestions. Just 140 kilometers from the center of Athens, Trikala in Corinthia is just what you need if you’re… tired of the sea or if you’re just more of a mountain type when it comes to your holidays. The entire area is an ode to nature and the youngest members of the family will surely love it as they explore it. If you now want to take it a step further and see the hidden secrets of the area, apart from Lake Doxa, don’t miss visiting the tiny Lake Dasiou. The setting is fairytale… As is the entire area!


If you don’t want to part with the sea and its aura yet, then Nafplio is the choice – stable value. The city that fascinates you at all times of the year and you always promise to return. The city that generously offers you even in autumn a bit of summer air and you can imagine being transported to the last days of August. It is an ideal choice for September but also the first days of October for a… summer weekend. Don’t miss a swim at Karathona beach to prolong the feeling of summer for a while. On the plus side, too, prices are considerably lower and amenities high in the fall.


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