I am afraid that Erdogan can create a serious episode in the Aegean

I am afraid that Erdogan can create a serious episode in the Aegean
I am afraid that Erdogan can create a serious episode in the Aegean

ND MP, Theodore Roussopoulosin an interview with Realfm 97.8 and to Nikos Hatzinikolaou he stated that “the issue of confidentiality is not at all false and what the opposition invokes in article 14 that confidentiality can be lifted by order of the minister or the prime minister, is not accurate. Because it talks about the possibility given to be able to testify in some authorities, such as in the courts, the participants as employees of EYP”.

“I can’t understand why Mr. Androulakis doesn’t go to EYP to be informed and then inform all the others. If this had been done, we would know the exact reasons he would choose to tell the public, and I wonder if we assume in a working scenario that Mr. Androulakis becomes prime minister tomorrow, would it be disrespectful to talk to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Won’t he have a collaboration? Because in essence, with his attitude, it is as if he is saying that it is derogatory for him to go to the EYP and be informed, and consequently he does not go,” he described.

“I have made a counter-proposal but it has not progressed to be expanded by the Supreme Court prosecutor beyond the leak and how it happened and the substance of the case. Then the prosecutor is not obliged to tell it to all Greeks, he can tell it to the leader of the party. I don’t blame Mr. Androulakis, but I say that there are ways out,” he added.

Regarding the Turkish challenges he emphasized that “The Foreign Policy Council, in which all parties participate, should discuss the matter and there should be a national consensus. Secondly, in Paris the day before yesterday, together with Dora Bakoyannis, the issue of Turkish provocation was raised categorically at the Council of Europe meeting and in front of Turkish colleagues.”

“This is the first time that the rhetoric has exceeded its limits. The assessments we all make are common in view of the elections that Mr. Erdogan seems to lose or is trying to achieve a rally or if he allows/enforces it he may get a two-year extension to his term if he creates a serious episode in the Aegean. So I’m afraid that something like this could happen in the Aegean,” he added.

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