The descriptions of the neighbor who saved a minor from her father’s hands are shocking

“I want to sleep peacefully at night. To say that I did something, so that some child does not pay for it”. This was stated to Creta24 by the neighbor of the 52-year-old man who is accused of systematically abusing his three children and saw him hitting the His 15-year-old daughter and called the police.

The same, who has 3 children and seven grandchildren, he could not hold back his tears, talking about what he saw happening before his eyes. “I yelled at him, ‘What are you doing?’ You’re going to kill the girl,’ and then he went inside. I poked my head through a partition to see if the girl is okay, if she needs anything, and then she came out again and punched me.” he reported.

As the family’s neighbor pointed out, the 52-year-old is violent. “It can be half a day good and 10 days bad”noted and emphasized that he himself she has heard that the family’s young child is locked out, on the balcony of the house and begging to come inside. “I was on the balcony sitting and I heard the baby: ‘Daddy help please put me in and I won’t do it again’ but it was dark and I couldn’t see what was happening. He was 2 years old then.”


What was reported by the daughter of the neighbor of the family also causes shock, according to which cComplaints had been made about the 52-year-old in the past. “My father was drinking his coffee. He heard the girl screaming for help and saw the 52-year-old forcefully put her in a chair and beat her with a thick rubber band.” he said describing the incident.

“The mother manipulated the children. He would tell them that dad is good and he won’t do it again and so the police would come and he would leave.”the woman stated with the information stating that the A 52-year-old man systematically abused his wife as well.

“Something must be done for the children immediately. That’s what we’re all shouting.” the woman added. “The girl has bruises everywhere. He waited until he was 18 to leave, to disappear, but he couldn’t stand it and because the issue of Patras is current and he saw it, he said “no, my brothers will not end up like this. I have a voice, I have a voice left””.

The neighbor’s son-in-law was also attacked by the 52-year-old of the family who called the police and even inside the Chania Police Station. The man spoke to Creta24 about the way the 52-year-old attacked him.


“I was inside the police station. While I was talking to his wife, I didn’t understand him, he came from behind me and attacked me.” he stated with the marks being visible on his neck and noted that the police who tried to remove him were also attacked by the defendant.

It threatens us, not just us the whole neighborhood. Whenever he succeeds us, he threatens us“, he said, stressing that the 52-year-old has been shouting and swearing at his neighbors since the complaints were made to the police. “Every day we heard voices and cries”he added and emphasized that the police left each time without action since the 52-year-old’s wife did not admit that she was hitting their children.

The 52-year-old is expected to be tried today on the charge of causing simple bodily harm to two people and resisting police officerswhile tomorrow Saturday he will be taken to the investigator to plead guilty to the charge of felony domestic violence.

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