Applications for the Social Housing Tariff for vulnerable groups

Applications for the Social Housing Tariff for vulnerable groups
Applications for the Social Housing Tariff for vulnerable groups

From the Deputy Mayor of Health, Welfare of the Municipality of Patreon, Vivian Samouri, the following is known regarding the Social Household Electricity Tariff:

With the cost of electricity becoming unaffordable, more and more of our fellow citizens are sinking into energy poverty, more and more families are facing the risk of being left in the dark.

The responsibilities of the European Union and the Greek Governments are very great. Our people are now paying for their choices, their choices in our country’s dominant energy “mix”, in their abandonment of domestic energy sources, in their participation in sanctions against Russia in order to give credentials to the Euronatoists. their allies.

Acting in this difficult environment, the Deputy Mayor of Health and Welfare is giving all its strength to support our fellow citizens and to take advantage of any legislative “gap” that exists for their relief.

In this context, we inform citizens that they can apply to be included in the Social Household Tariff (C.O.T.), which is provided to protect vulnerable groups of consumers.

The application is submitted through the website of IDIKA S.A. with the TAXISnet codes, regardless of the Electricity Supplier they have chosen.

Those who join the K.O.T. they are required to submit a new application every year, within two (2) months of the deadline for submitting tax returns (as well as its possible extension).

For the year 2022 the deadline for submitting an application or a new application is 31 October 2022.

The applications of the CTO and the Register of Vulnerable Customers are checked based on:

The 2021 tax return, regarding income and household composition.

Of the last ENFIA liquidation (2021), regarding immovable property.

It is reminded that citizens can submit an application at any time they wish within the year (after first canceling an already existing submitted application).

With the passage of two months from the end of the deadline for submitting tax returns (from 31/08/2022 to 31/10/2022), those of the active beneficiaries who have not submitted a new application, will be automatically included by the CTO.

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