“Interceptions on the opponents of the national team are good now, huh?”

“Interceptions on the opponents of the national team are good now, huh?”
“Interceptions on the opponents of the national team are good now, huh?”

We don’t mean that we have turned on ERT and are watching the matches, I want you to be a little awake. We are watching players, coaches, caretakers, generally opposing teams for national security reasons, which we can’t tell you at the moment, but at some point we will get some out of our heads and tell you. All in the light.

This has been going on for years. And Mavrikis, the one with the cheliga mustache, before they caught him, Chechenko and Yovaisa was watching.

Big chore anyway, this job doesn’t pay. At least with Androulakis I understood nothing, what is the transition? Where did all the things go, the clock we used to play with when we were little, the water we all drank from the same hose, my village I missed you, my roots, and all that?

But I will also swim in these deep waters. A good otakust doesn’t distinguish between what to otaku and what not to otaku. Do two people start talking? He is immediately there for them. He listens to everything.

Do they change messages, bare of light? He is there and judges and if necessary, even intervenes. I can’t let you send a dickpic you found on google for yours, the relationship has to start with trust.

Whatever they say at Eurobasket, I will record it, even if our people do whatever they want. I’m just a bit bored with them, I’m more of a ball player, it was different in Portugal in ’04, one day we’ll see each other again.

Doncic has an interesting, OK, he plays a lot of delivery, but so does Jokic, okay, atomara, a lot of laughter. To break up the monotony, we sometimes look for Vangelis Ioannou’s mobile phone, but more for each other, so to speak. He has nothing to fear for now, we will blackmail him too when the time comes.

We don’t even enter Hatzigeorgiou for fun, you should never mess with some powers, there is something deeply dark about this guy and I don’t just mean his hair. Far away.

Tespa. Now we’re good, huh? If the national team gets a medal, will you say “well done” to us? That’s how you are

The text is a work of fiction

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