Arnautoglou – Antoniou At The Baptism Of Liano’s Daughter

See moments from the baptism of little Valeria – Asimina

On Friday afternoon (02/09) Giorgos Lianos and his partner Konstantina Karalexis, baptized their daughter in Agios Stefanos, in an estate in Afidnes, Attica.

Giorgos Lianos with his partner, Konstantina Karalexis at the christening of their daughter – Photo NDP

Giorgos Lianos – Konstantina Karalexis: They baptized their daughter!

The neophyte took two names Valeria – Asimina, while the Mystery was performed in a close family circle.

Grigoris Arnautoglou and his partner, Nancy Antoniou, were also “present” at the baptism.

Grigoris Arnautoglou and Nancy Antoniou at the baptism of the daughter of George Lianos

Grigoris Arnautoglou & Nancy Antoniou at the baptism of the daughter of Giorgos Lianos and Konstantina Karalexis – NDP Photos

Grigoris Arnautoglou: His partner captures him in the pool

The presenter and the journalist arrived together at the estate and posed for the camera hugging each other.

Nancy Antoniou at the christening of George Lianos' daughter

Nancy Antoniou – Photo NDP

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