Andrew Tate: Who is the 35-year-old whose accounts are being taken down by social media

Andrew Tate: Who is the 35-year-old whose accounts are being taken down by social media
Andrew Tate: Who is the 35-year-old whose accounts are being taken down by social media

A few months ago, Andrew Tate was virtually unknown. But now his name is everywhere. As an online influencer, Tate is everywhere these days social media -or at least, the news reports about him. And that’s because by the end of August, Tate has been blocked from the entire range of social media –Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and Twitter– dealing a painful blow to his online business Hustler’s University.

Who is Andrew Tate and what is Hustler’s University

The 35-year-old British-American Tate is engaged in self-coaching and, as all the evidence shows, he also enjoys misogyny immensely. And while he purports to impart wisdom to men that helps them “escape the matrix,” Tate has claimed that women bear some responsibility for the sexual assaults they receive and that they lack “innate responsibility and honor.”

Before officials removed his personal accounts from all social media, his videos garnered billion views in the TikTok and Instagram. His main business venture of late was Hustler’s University, an online course for aspiring “alpha” males that taught courses in crypto, stock investing and “freelance”.

“Tate has the whole package in terms of emerging new forms of anti-feminist, right-wing extremism that we’re seeing,” said Deakin University’s Josh Roose, a political sociologist who studies extremism and masculinity. “It stirs up a feeling not just of insecurity, but of rage.”

After the social media platforms blocked him, a spokesperson for Tate told Bloomberg: “Banning Andrew Tate from these platforms may seem like the answer, but it’s not that simple. Removing Tate’s voice does not allow for a kinder society without hate.”

Which by no means adopts the TikTok, with a spokesperson for the company typically stating that “Misogyny is a hateful ideology that is not tolerated on TikTok. We have been hastily removing videos and accounts for weeks and welcome the news that other platforms are also taking action against this individual.”

And Roose explains that “Tate is an example of what these regulations are for [των μέσων κοινωνικής δικτύωσης] to face”.

How did Tate rise to fame?

Starting as kickboxerTate had his first exposure to the spotlight this season 2016 of British reality show Big Brother. An experience that lasted just six days. Tate was kicked off the show after a video that appeared to show him beating a woman with a belt, threatening her with violence if she “messages him again.” At the time, Tate told the Sun that the video was of the pair “role-playing”. He posted a smiling selfie with the woman in the video and stated that they are still friends.

After ending his kickboxing career, Tate started one online webcamming company in which he claimed that up to and 75 women, some of whom were his ex-girlfriends, worked for him. In an interview with Britain’s Mirror earlier this year, Tate branded the cam business an “absolute scam”, in which women pretended to be “sad stories” to get men to part with their money.

Tate most recently became famous as online influencer which promises to show boys and men how to “escape the matrix” – shorthand for becoming richer and more successful with women. Before being kicked off social media platforms, she had over 4.5 million followers in the Instagramand 600,000 subscribers in the account of the ‘Tate Speech’ at YouTubewhile his hashtagged videos on TikTok have displayed over 14 billion times.

Apart from giving advice on how to get rich, he is also known for his open support of Donald Trump, whom he regards as an exemplary “alpha male”. Tate also spoke against the covid blockade and vaccination mandates, despite overwhelming evidence that vaccines are effective in preventing hospitalization and death from Covid-19.

How Tate Got Banished From All Social Media

Tate’s comments about women appear to be what led to his expulsion from the Facebookthe Instagramthe YouTubethe Twitter and Twitch. Although his political views were polarizing, many of his comments about women were clearly sexist.

Talking about married women making money through it OnlyFans, the subscription service known for its sexual content, Tate said they owe money to their partners since it is owned by a man. Explaining why he would never let a woman drive his car, he argued that women “have no inherent responsibility or honor.”

Tate was banned from Twitter for avoiding a previous ban, a Twitter spokesperson told CNET. The Meta banned him from its platforms for violating its community guidelines under the “dangerous individuals and organizations” clause, while a YouTube spokesperson said Tate was banned from the platform after “multiple violations” of its community guidelines.

His public stance against the Metoo movement

Tate has publicly spoken out against the MeToo movement, arguing that it has not helped women and has only served to “destroy” men’s safety. In an old YouTube video, according to, Tate said that “40% of the reason” he moved to Romania it’s because of looser sexual assault laws.

Back in 2017, he was kicked out of the Twitter when, criticizing the movement MeToo said that rape victims “bear some responsibility” for putting themselves in a position to be attacked, a false claim that seeks to absolve perpetrators of violence against women.

“Andrew Tate is not all that different from many other male-right, far-right and alt-right scammers who have come before him,” said Luc Cousineau, co-director of research at the Canadian Institute for Far-Right Studies. “There is nothing in this man’s speech that is different. These mimetic talking points continue to resonate with a certain subset of populations because there is an appetite to be told that it is your ‘right’ as a man to have dominance and power.”

The motion, however, to exclude Tate from the social media criticized by some. This mainly includes their personality social media turned pro boxer Jake Paul who, while speaking out against Tate’s offensive sexism, voiced his opposition to what he described as social media censorship.

On the other hand, both Cousineau and Roose argue that the ban is justified. “I understand the argument that banning people like Tate from mainstream platforms pushes them into more niche areas of social media and the internet, where radicalization tends to grow,” Cousineau said.

“But Andrew Tate and others like him are not going to be exposed to millions of young people and get billions of views in these niche spaces, and the cultural impact of their rhetoric is necessarily minimized.”

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