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Voula: Trapper Trannos was injured in a traffic accident – Newsbomb – News

Trannos, a well-known youth trapper, who was injured late Friday night (2/9), in a traffic accident on Vouliagmenis Avenue, at the height of Kalymnos Street, is being treated at a private clinic out of danger.

As reported by, in the traffic accident, three cars were involved, among them Trannos’ jeep. Firefighters, police and ambulances rushed to the scene.

According to the first data, firefighters freed injured people who were taken by ambulances while there is no information on their health status.

THE trapper’s manager with a story on Instagram he confirmed the fact and announced that his next appearances will be postponed until further notice.

It is worth noting that the place where the crash happened is located a short distance from where Mad Clip lost his life a year ago where, according to testimonies, many of his admirers were speeding past the place where he was killed playing his songs loudly.

The article is in Greek

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