September predictions for the emotional signs: What awaits you?

September predictions for the emotional signs: What awaits you?
September predictions for the emotional signs: What awaits you?

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A wind of freedom is blowing in your romance, which of course sounds nice but in the case that you are already in a relationship, your refusal to compromise with …. read more


After a rather stressful period you certainly deserve the best and the passage of Venus in Virgo and your 5th solar house on the 5th advocates living… read more


Wherever you catch it, your eroticism will show great mobility, able to satisfy not only your two selves but also the other ten… read more


Your harvest is expected to be relatively poor if you are single and looking for a mate. However, seeing what will happen in your environment, you will have every …read more


First of all, you have five days to use your charm and get what you ask for, easily and simply, and then… you see! But from 5 o’clock onwards… read more


With Venus marching in your sign from the 5th to the 29th of the month, your love affairs become a dominant issue and you will certainly in several cases… read more


Since you have complete freedom of movement, September will be for you the month that nourishes the eleven, at least in terms of social life and acquaintances,… read more


In a climate of “lightness” but also of unreliability, those moments are really few when you will be vindicated for your choice, but again it’s good to say that.. read more


With Jupiter in Aries and your 5th solar house raging, your love life can easily take on proportional dimensions either in or out of quotation marks. The… read more


In terms of the outward appearance of things and your ability to “show up” and/or move up socially through a new relationship, all is well, all is well. If indeed… read more


From the first five days of the month, when Aphrodite will complete her performance in Leo, keep the good things that… surround you because of the charm that… read more


This month your love life can inspire poets or become a song and – if you think about it – for this to happen, apart from the fact that “your paint passes”, more and more … read more

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