“I would never do anything like last year’s show again”

THE Nicoletta Ralli returned to television last season with ‘This is the Weekend’, which was however infamously axed in the middle of the year.

In a recent Q&A on her personal Instagram account, the well-known presenter noted that she would never do something like last year’s show again. Let us remind you that the show had a strong part of telemarketing, something that quite displeased Nicoletta Ralli and her colleagues.

“I would do a cooking show, a game show, something entertaining. And never ever ever again anything like last year’s show. WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!” the presenter originally wrote.

Nicoletta Ralli then clarified about her answer: “And because I have received countless messages about this answer of mine. To be clear, there was nothing about the show that bothered me in terms of its content. Nor of course the wonderful and talented creatures I worked with in front of and behind the cameras. But various toxic situations that we experienced and that we will really discuss for years!!! All I have to say is good for us. No, good for us!!!”

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