The daughter of Irini Skliva has reached 19 and… surpasses even her mother in beauty

It was the distant 1996 when Irini Skliva emerged as Star Hellas and then Miss World, becoming the exportable image of Greek beauty.

Seven years after that huge success, Irini Skliva would experience an even greater joy, that of motherhood.

In 2003, at a time when she was already heading towards the end of her career in fashion, Skliva became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter.

See the daughter of Irene Sklivas

Today, this babe is already 19 years old and already starting to show “signs” of being a model, having an outward appearance that reminds a lot of her mother.

Maritina Hydiroglou, a child Skliva had with her – until 2017 – husband Nikos Hydiroglou, has green eyes and long blonde hair, with her mom proud of it in their occasional posts that the resemblance between them is obvious.

Maritina is studying International Entrepreneurship and Marketing at a private school, but she is sure that if she decides to do modeling, she will succeed.

It is typical that she has a closed profile on Instagram, a sign that she does not want to gain fame as the daughter of Irene Sklivas, but to carve out her own path.

See for yourself…

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