Katia Dandoulaki – George Gerontidakis: Where will they meet again after “Wild Bees”

Katia Dandoulaki – George Gerontidakis: Where will they meet again after “Wild Bees”
Katia Dandoulaki – George Gerontidakis: Where will they meet again after “Wild Bees”

The Wild Bees they may have passed into television history after three seasons, but the audience does not forget the protagonists of the series.

Among the roles that stood out in the ANT1 drama series was Annette, played by Katia Dandoulakis and Meletis played by George Gerontidakis.

“Mother and son” will meet again this time on the stage. The two will star in the play “Choose your death, my love” which will soon be staged at the Katia Dandoulakis theater.

A few words about the show
The noir masterpiece of Robert Thomas, the work that turns everything upside down with its plot and takes your breath away until the last second, comes in October, adapted and directed by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michael Reppawith the Katia Dandoulakis and a troupe of excellent protagonists. Her Koralia Karantis, her Anna Maria Papacharalamboushim Panos Stathakopoulos and the George Gerontidakis.

The play “Choose your death my love” is an adaptation of the play “The Double Game” by Robert Thomas, one of the most popular works of the award-winning author. Stormy developments and twists ignite the suspense and tension until the last moment. Françoise Corban, a wealthy heiress, lives in her villa with her younger husband Paul Corban and her devoted housekeeper Adele. Paul’s paper debts and the pressure he puts on Françoise to pay them off add to the extreme tension and friction in the couple’s relationship.

The atmosphere is heavy when nocturnal noises disturb the tranquility of the villa – noises and traces of a presence that even the police chief himself cannot explain… Baroness Sardoni’s sudden visit and what she has to say further confuses the already tense situation. .A spider web seems to be woven around Françoise and no one knows who is friend and who is foe…

Adaptation, Direction: Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas

Scenery: Athanasia Smaragdi

Costumes: Evelyn Siupy

Lighting: Alekos Anastasiou

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