This is the secret to getting along with the 12 signs!

This is the secret to getting along with the 12 signs!
This is the secret to getting along with the 12 signs!

It has happened to most people to argue, to get angry, “holding face” or even feeling angry with another person. And if it’s someone we don’t meet often, the tension and irritation caused by a personal conflictover time, they will fade.

But if we have quarreled with a nearby and loved one, the irritation and the unpleasant atmosphere will eventually lead us to a tiring, unbearable everyday life. And that’s when we start looking for ways reconciliation and return to the previous peaceful state.

As for the zodiac signsbecause each one has its own button, read below what is the appropriate course of action when you want to reconcile with them.


Calm down and give him space and time

Aries is notoriously… hot-headed and prone to impulsive outbursts of anger and emotion. Unfortunately, he is also known to have a tendency to get into fights quite often. Do not judge him too harshly for his impulsiveness, because, in any case, anger and nerves are situations that he overcomes very quickly. Actually… his good mood and lively energy evaporates and returns! If you give him room to breathe until he calms down, chances are he’ll have already forgotten what caused him to start the fight in the first place.


Remind him that you’re here and you’re not going anywhere

All a loyal Taurus wants to know is that you care enough to actually resolve the conflict that has arisen between you. Even if it’s your fault, a Taurus is willing to forgive if you can prove that the relationship you share is more important to you than winning the argument. Remind him that you love him unconditionally and Taurus will always see the bigger picture, rewarding commitment above all else.


He wants small talk and respect for his intelligence

If you think you can end a Gemini war quickly and painlessly, you’re probably dreaming! This air sign has such a grasp that you won’t be able to escape easily. If you are not honest with him, nor willing to have an honest conversation, Gemini will continue his life without you. However, know that he is not one of those signs to hold grudges, so if you can overcome pride or selfishness and talk to him with respect for his intelligence, then everything will be fine.


Show him that you care about his feelings

Cancer is so sensitive that it always gets hurt during a fight. No matter who is at fault, he will be overwhelmed with feelings of pain, sadness and disappointment over the situation that has arisen between you. At this stage, he has a great need to feel emotional confirmation. If you show him that you fully understand what his mind and heart are in and are willing to treat him with kindness, you can be sure that the Cancer will respond in a positive way.


Try to understand his perspective

Fiery Leo is a fixed sign, so he can stubbornly stick to his point of view and stick to the position he has decided to take. This is why, unfortunately, it may be up to you to bridge the gap and put yourself in his shoes. While it may not be your fault, a Leo just wants to know that you understand where his anger is coming from and respect his feelings. If you offer him this understanding, you will have made a very good start in ending your conflict.


Discuss the issue with logic and rationality

The analytical Virgo does not respond well to emotional immaturity and manipulative tactics. Keeping his face and playing games isn’t going to win you any points in an argument with him. If you can show him your side of the situation and back it up with logical evidence, then Virgo will be forced to lay down their arms. The more facts and evidence you have as “weapons” in your quiver, the more certain it is that this logical earth sign will abandon its warlike mood.

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Look for fair solution and compromise

The most important thing for Libra is justice. Regardless of who is at fault, above all else, his nature leads him to hope that justice will be served. It is a sign that faithfully serves the doctrine of “mutual retreats” in order to restore what is wanted, which is above all the balance of power! So if you are willing to discuss the situation with him from all sides and come to a diplomatic compromise, there is no reason why the dispute cannot be resolved between you. Remember that Libras abhor conflict and will most likely wish to end the “war” while you are at it.


Take on the role of an adult

When a Scorpio has an opinion, right or wrong, trying to change it is like moving mountains. If you still want to try, good luck! However, the easier option is usually to adopt the attitude of the adult in the situation that has arisen. In other words, ignore any dramatic atmosphere and declare with your attitude that you are backing down. If you’re willing to put aside your pride and agree to his terms, there’s a good chance (later) that Scorpio will admit he was wrong.


Don’t take what he says personally

During a fight, a Sagittarius will usually say a lot of things that most people would consider cruel or rude. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s trying to hurt your feelings. It’s just that he’s often very honest and that’s ultimately to his credit. If you can get past the way he fights, it will be surprisingly easy to resolve a conflict with him. He’s not overly sensitive or overly proud, and he’s most likely already over it!


Apologize and hope he accepts it

If you’ve ever had a fight with a Capricorn, you’ll already know that he doesn’t back down easily. Even if he knows he’s taking the wrong stance, he’s doing it because he doesn’t like to take anyone’s side (except his own). However, if you can at least apologize for your behavior during the confrontation with him, Capricorn will feel that he has somehow won this fight. As long as he won’t walk off the battlefield feeling defeated, he’s willing to take a “forgotten, forgotten” stance.


Show that you are seeking reconciliation, but don’t rush it

Although Aquarius is an air sign that needs communication, it is also known to “disappear” from some relationships when things seem to get difficult. No matter who is at fault, an Aquarius is just not in the mood to “get their hands dirty” in a fight. Since we are talking about a fixed sign that can become very hard and rigid, do not pressure him to negotiate peace with you. Let him know that you want to resolve the situation and then let him come to you when he feels ready. An Aquarius will definitely make this move if they are interested in reconciling with you.


Tell him you’re sorry and don’t want to argue anymore

Even when fighting, a Pisces never loses their soft and sensitive side. If you can stimulate this side during your argument, you’ve already negotiated a solution. While you are arguing, his emotions are overflowing and he can express them in every possible way. But know that he wants this to end much more than you. Remember, too, that he/she is likely to feel guilty about the turn things have taken, even if it’s your fault.

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