Zoe Papadopoulou: She announced her pregnancy – “The miracle happened!”

Zoe Papadopoulou: She announced her pregnancy – “The miracle happened!”
Zoe Papadopoulou: She announced her pregnancy – “The miracle happened!”

Zoe Papadopoulou’s message to women trying to become mothers

Three years after her marriage to Thodoris Plemenos and about five from the day they started their relationship, Zoe Papadopoulou is ready to become a mother for the first time.

The singer announced her pregnancy with a photo on Instagram, where her belly is already swollen.

Zoi Papadopoulou, together with the photo, also sent a strong message to women who are trying to get pregnant, but also to those who are worried that the years pass and they will not have time to have a child.


The miracle happened!

Where we didn’t expect it..

We feel enormous gratitude and joy!!!

And if I have something to say to all the couples who are trying, it’s that their love and bond is what will free them from the stress of having a child.

Because the pressure exerted in one way or another from everywhere is great..

Just listen to you, pray if you want, and envision your life either with or without a child..

Whether it comes or not the relationship of people who meet and love each other is sacred!

And a message to all women who are struggling with what to do, age doesn’t play any role, it’s a number and don’t chew when you hear, “you don’t have time to rush”, “only with an IV you will succeed even if.. “, “if you get pregnant, how will you manage with your work, finances, me, me, me”…

Women are supernatural beings, and we can always do miracles..!!!

Let’s believe this even if everything seems difficult and blurry..

I love you so much that all this time you are thinking of me, sending me positive messages, prayers..

Anything you want to ask me I am at your disposal.

PS I think the doctor is the most important choice when you decide to have a baby.

It is necessary for him to be serious, cool, but also with empathy to get into the process of understanding you, because he works not only as a gynecologist but also as a psychologist according to me.

I feel very happy to have found a doctor who is present and such a warm and wonderful person, but also a great scientist!!!

That’s it for now, I love you!!!”I wrote on Instagram.

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