Eleonora Zouganeli officially announced the end – The post that brought reactions – News

Eleonora Zouganeli officially announced the end – The post that brought reactions – News
Eleonora Zouganeli officially announced the end – The post that brought reactions – News

Her personal affairs may remain a mystery, since rumors want her to get a divorce, however Eleonora Zouganelis seems to be going through a very beautiful period, especially in her professional life. Her summer tour this year “torn”.

He toured almost all of Greece and filled all the stadiums and squares where he sang. She is one of the most successful singers and proves it continuously.

The announcement of Zouganelis about the end of her tour

However, with the end of summer, came the end of her tour. With a post she made on her personal Instagram account, she announced that 19/9 at the Alsos theater is the last concert for this summer.

However, until then he still has 5 in different cities. Naturally, the reactions were many, both from users who have already bought their tickets, as well as from the people who love and admire her.

Her successful parents

Isidora Sideri is one of the most beloved singers of the 80’s and 90’s. The song “Kai tha hathos” which Michalis Hatzigiannis then sang is one of the most successful and is still heard today.

In the 80’s she was together with Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Sakis Boulas and her husband, Yiannis Zouganelis in a program that had not only singing but also humorous sketches. In this shop, Zouganelis and Boulas used to give change! They played pranks on people, said various “deaf” slogans (such as “Ah, Mary or death, no one will remain immortal” and “Everything about marriage is difficult and the bride… a transvestite”) and aroused the youth with the complete their own show, which was accusatory and not only that.

Isidora Sideri and Yiannis Zouganelis have been together for 41 years and have even revealed the “recipe” of their successful marriage:Our recipe is understanding, acceptance of diversity and mistakes. And endurance, which most women have. Understanding and forgiving. I forgive her and she forgives me. When we forgive, we both fit into a relationshipthe”.

The happiest part of their lives is their daughter, Eleonora Zouganelis, who last year climbed the steps of the church with lawyer Spyros Dimitriou and has followed their footsteps in the field of music, having today become one of the most successful singers.

My parents were present in my life in a strange way. It was perfect that I started going to shows from a young age. I watched a very charming space from the inside, I could sleep in the dressing rooms, follow my family on tours and I saw it as something very easy and simple. Being with a suitcase in hand and constantly moving is completely familiar to me.

It has played a role in how I perceive this part of my work. Because the experiences that singing gave me as a profession had nothing to do with the ones I lived when I was a child and just observing. The convenience of not having a home at all for a while played an important role, as it was in my DNA“, the singer had said about her parents to Bovary.gr.

Isidora Sideri Yiannis Zouganelis Eleonora

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