Yannis Stankoglou: The incredible rant about Bisbiki – Vandi

Yannis Stankoglou: The incredible rant about Bisbiki – Vandi
Yannis Stankoglou: The incredible rant about Bisbiki – Vandi

The reporter of the show Open “Who’s in the morning” spotted the actor literally on the street, between his various jobs and took the opportunity for a mini-interview.

Yannis Stankoglou’s participation in the production of “A Night in August” has been completed – the series ends in 14 episodes – while filming continues for “This Night Remains”.

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The professional obligations of the actor in priority

“For no two months there will be no personal life. But it will be no two months. Then we will come to a normality like all the actors in this country who do a series and a show at night” confessed the actor, who wove the praise of his colleagues in the two series.

“The casts for both series are great. They are people I value, have worked with or wanted to work with. It’s very nice to be with such people who you believe in, trust and who give you the way to become better.”

What did he say about the Vandi – Bisbiki couple?

But the reporter’s interest was different. If Despina Vandi has been on a shoot and how she is up close.

“I know Despina from before, we have done a show together. She is fine, she is a wonderful creature, a very open person, nice, a sweetheart” was the answer of Yannis Stankoglou, who, before heading to his next job, added:

“It’s very nice (Bassilis romance with Despina) and what I’ve seen is that wherever Vassilis and I go out the shops next door are always playing Vandy.”

The article is in Greek

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