Jason Momoa ‘slaps’ James Corden with a tortilla

Jason Momoa ‘slaps’ James Corden with a tortilla
Jason Momoa ‘slaps’ James Corden with a tortilla

A hilarious video was uploaded on Instagram o Jason Momoa and James Corden. The actor and host of “The Late Late Show” did the “Tortilla challenge” and shared plenty of laughter with their followers.

As seen in the video, the two men do the challenge which “unfolds” as follows: the two fill their mouths with water and start playing rock-paper-scissors. The winner of the duel is Jason Momoa, who has to slap Corden with the tortilla. The slap is so… strong that the presenter’s mouth is watering. The two then burst out laughing.

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What is the “Tortilla challenge”

The TikTok challenge involves a game of rock-paper-scissors, a tortilla and… a sip of water.

To take part in the “tortilla challenge”, TikTokers fill their mouths with water and play rock-paper-scissors while holding a tortilla. The loser gets slapped with a tortilla – but the real challenge is to keep his mouth watering without laughing for the duration of the game and the subsequent slap.

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