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“We didn’t expect them to sit with us!” – The revelation of Zambetoglou and Anagnostopoulos – News

“We didn’t expect them to sit with us!” – The revelation of Zambetoglou and Anagnostopoulos – News
“We didn’t expect them to sit with us!” – The revelation of Zambetoglou and Anagnostopoulos – News

Full of surprises and revelations, Nancy Zampetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos returned in the new season, as after the revelation about the reason they never went to the show “In our health”, in their new interview they gave to MYtv and Mara Sarri, they mentioned the changes on the show and made some more revelations.

The revelations of Zambetoglou and Anagnostopoulos

“Studio 4” has reopened its doors through the frequency of ERT 1. How is your cooperation with public television?

Thanasis Anagnostopoulos: Honestly and hand on heart, it is one of the nicest collaborations of my life.

Nancy Zampetoglou: I agree. From the first moment they told us that what they want from us is to remain who we are. Every day they prove to us that they meant it. We have complete freedom to make the show we want and we believe the viewers want it too.

This season the show has an extended duration, by one hour. What changes or additions will we see?

THA.: Last year there were times, many in fact, when we felt that the topics did not fit into two hours. We were anxious to catch up with them all. So this year we made the show so that the guests and the topics of the show get the corresponding space and time. We added new columns, with things we think are interesting, teach us something, make us better people.

We will suggest important events that take place in our city or in other cities in Greece. We will have experts and scientists, creative ideas, suggestions for going out, entertainment and much more.

NZ: This year we will try to do an even fuller show, with more guests, who have something interesting to share. And we hope that the three hours will reach us. (Laughs.)

Last year you hosted many guests on the couch of your show. Do you have an interview that stands out?

I WILL. Last year we hosted 215 main interviews plus some shorter ones. The guests, in their majority, came with positive energy and willing to have an interesting conversation. Many of them I will be happy to see again this year. But if I have to single out someone, I will say Nena Mendi. I loved her. He had humor, immediacy, liveliness. I felt like I had known her for years.

NZ: We met a lot of people this year and I felt close to most of them. Like I made new friends. The interview section is titled “An Afternoon With You”, and that’s exactly how I feel. That I spend an afternoon with a person I know and want to see again or with a person I am interested in meeting. No matter how the conversation goes, it’s always interesting.

Is there a person you would really like to come to “Studio 4” who didn’t sit on your couch last year?

THA.: Yes, there are quite a few that somehow the day, the time, the circumstances, the obligations on other channels did not bring them and in the end we did not manage to talk on the sofa. I want to believe that this year we will meet.

NZ: Last year we had guests we didn’t expect to sit on the couch with us. Like Gianna Angelopoulou, for example. We hope to have similar surprises this year.

How do you manage to make your guests feel comfortable and confide their thoughts and feelings to you?

I WILL. I hear this question all the time. I don’t know if there is a secret recipe. If you listen to your interlocutor, if you really listen to him and you are interested in what he says, then you will find a way to have an interesting conversation with him. It is also a matter of empathy and good preparation. Know 5-10 things about the guest, about his work and life. Our purpose is to have a conversation as if we are not in front of the cameras. I think we have succeeded several times.

NZ: We listen to them carefully and they know it. We ask questions that we really care about the answers we will get. We care, we enter the conversation with our whole being, we are present one hundred percent. And of course, we give people time to say what they want at their pace. I think above all we put love and sincere interest.

If these are the secrets to a good interview, I don’t know. All I know is that in our TV situation it works and all the guests leave the studio feeling good. That is, from what they tell us.

Your relationship, both professional and personal, counts many years. What do you admire about each other?

THA: I admire a thousand things about Nancy. Her kindness, her intelligence, her sound and cool judgement, how sweet and loyal a mother she is and so much more, but what impresses me is how she manages to shop online in a split second, even during the break of the show.

NZ: Thanasis is my best friend both in front of and behind the cameras. After all, without cameras we met and fell in love. He is a deeply good man, honest and sincere. As for his humor, what can I say? I mean it when I say that all people should have a friend like Thanasis. To always be by their side and always make them laugh.

They are back with big changes in Studio 4

As if not a day had passed since their tears, in the last show before the season ends, they returned to the Studio 4 set to give us new moments of laughter and to keep us company during our lunches!

The reason for Nancy Zampetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos, who on the evening of Monday 29/8 had their premiere, and at the beginning of the show they welcomed the television audience with an uplifted mood as always and a big smile.

“Good evening! As if a day hadn’t passed,” said Thanasis Anagnostopoulos, with Nancy Zampetoglou adding: “They passed, but they passed. Welcome to “Studio 4”. Afterwards, they talked about how they spent their vacation, but also about the food mistakes they made during the summer.

Shortly before the schedule of the show began, Thanasis Anagnostopoulos mentioned the change in the duration of the show, since “Studio 4” this year will be three hours long. “We have 10 months ahead of us to enjoy. The show is three hours long this year. You will enjoy us.”


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