Mercury – Jupiter opposition 3/9: Keep your mouth shut!

Mercury – Jupiter opposition 3/9: Keep your mouth shut!
Mercury – Jupiter opposition 3/9: Keep your mouth shut!

THE Hermes in Zygos and o Jupiter in Aries, on Saturday September 3, 2022 they form an aspect contrast, creating a volatile mood in our communications!

With the Mercury-Jupiter opposition, we get carried away in exaggerations, we say big words, make promises based on our enthusiasm and take big risks, based on haste, or even frivolity!

On the one hand, cheerfulness prevails, but also the need to have a good time, to have fun, to share our thoughts, to joke, to laugh… on the other hand, if we don’t maintain the boundaries, we can easily get out of control and to be led to chatter, to frivolity, to recklessness, which will bring problems in our daily life.

Therefore, in moderation in our communications these days, so as not to misunderstand, not to be misunderstood, but also so that words do not slip out that we will not be able to easily take back! The signs directly affected are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn of 1u decade as well as those with personal planets close to the 6ththe fate of the above signs

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Your social life requires your mature and responsible behavior, especially in communication, if you are committed! If you are single, avoid new romantic beginnings!

You are rather overconfident in work matters and for this reason, you are quite prone to mistakes!

Avoid long love words, because they will not do you any good! Flirt wisely, protect your good reputation and don’t be frivolous in love!

You need to remain mature and serious in family and home! Put an end to a romantic past and false hopes!

Think before you say anything, avoid gossip and especially don’t make big promises that you can’t keep! Be careful when driving and commuting!

Try not to make reckless expenses and don’t make excessive demands in your emotional life!

You get carried away and probably become excessive and frivolous in communication and this will backfire on you. Avoid gossip, misunderstandings and carelessness in your travels!

Some of your behind-the-scenes actions won’t manage to stay hidden if you don’t pay attention. Don’t try to fool others and especially don’t fool yourself!

Your frivolity and your overconfidence, towards your circle of friends, will have negative consequences!

Over-optimism and haste will lead you to mistakes mainly in communication that will cause losses in your career and damage your reputation!

You are over-optimistic and feel fearless, but if you do not employ logic and self-restraint in time, there will be communication errors and problems in your travels.

Curb your tendency to waste and settle financial issues, otherwise you will be stressed! In addition, in love life say no to jealousy and excessive demands!

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