Weekly Forecasts Kostas Lefakis September 5-11, 2022

Weekly Forecasts Kostas Lefakis September 5-11, 2022
Weekly Forecasts Kostas Lefakis September 5-11, 2022


In your business, the initiative may lead you to a temporary dead end, but it is certain that it will reveal more profitable avenues. Any family and emotional problems require thought and conservative treatment. Quick solutions will serve no one. The week ends with a Full Moon and affects your moods towards others. Be sure to avoid exaggeration in your behavior and pursuits.


Most of you will have to make important decisions in the professional field and anticipate formal or legal procedures that could complicate you. Any moves or extensions should be planned wisely. Conflicts are probably inevitable for you emotionally, but what will justify you is the stability in your demands. Saturday’s Full Moon gives you room to expand your scope and expand your boundaries.


Days of professional action and new responsibilities in the professional field as well as in the social field. Others will cooperate with you but also push you to do things you are not always willing to do for them. Your reputation and reputation should be a concern. There are no shortage of surprises and dangers. Saturday’s Full Moon dominates your plans and helps you win over difficult people, or give a new, optimistic perspective to your feelings!


What is important to watch out for at this time is your finances. You need a reorganization and a seriousness towards obligations that chase you. Be careful to take advantage of changes in circumstances and opportunities at work and do not neglect pending matters that may make it difficult for you. Emotionally, with the Full Moon, many things enter a new path where you are called to take positions, overcoming some reservations that are normal for your character.


Make sure you don’t leave any backlogs that will make it difficult for you later and don’t take on responsibilities that are beyond your strength. Emotionally you need a change or a renewal. See if Saturday’s Full Moon favors your plans. Don’t avoid people and don’t lock yourself in an inappropriate environment. Professionally, build a solid foundation now and don’t do anything risky. Also take care of your health and peace of mind and do things that please you.


The nervousness and anxiety are due to a transitional state that you are going through and will dissipate once you accept the new reality. Changes in your love life are inevitable.
don’t look back if you want to enjoy the present. Many of you will face unexpected family changes. Those of you celebrating a birthday during the week of the Full Moon, make sure to enjoy it in whatever way pleases you.


Avoid friction and misunderstandings with your loved ones and do not get involved in comments that may expose you. Learn to keep secrets to yourself and not to trust the promises or secrecy of others. Also do not neglect your responsibilities or work. The days that follow are consuming and stressful. Saturday’s Full Moon affects emotion and wants you suspicious of the management you will do.


Don’t be disappointed if a business deal or partnership doesn’t bear fruit. Better opportunities will soon come as long as you build up your patience and endurance. Emotionally, nothing new will change the situation that engenders future changes. The Full Moon affects your moods and you need to be careful how you express your wishes. But soon you will have messages about developments that will completely change the scene.


Do not be impulsive or argumentative in your family and professional environment because there is a risk of creating problems, misunderstandings or comments that will upset you. Others try to fulfill your wishes, as a return for your own support. A romantic relationship of yours is going through a strong shock that will constructively change its course or make you… change company with the help of the Full Moon at the end of the week.


What is important for most of you is to adapt to the changes that are taking place and set new goals in your professional and emotional life.

It may be hard to think long-term right now because of day-to-day problems, but just pursuing a larger change will renew you. Saturday’s Full Moon helps you find new ways to connect with people you care about, or creates an interesting setting in your social life.


A professional start or a radical change in your family life is one of the things that may happen to you this week with the Full Moon. As much as something like this finds you psychologically unprepared, don’t forget that it will be for your own good. But prepare to compete. Psychologically and practically you need refueling to achieve what you want. Don’t worry about removing some people from your environment. On the contrary, this will relax you!


It is the Full Moon in your sign that highlights you as an important factor in the developments in the matters that concern you. A careful and prudent tactic in handling your finances would be advisable, because later on, you will need money for new pursuits and business plans. In the family environment there are problems and in your work the improvement you expect is delayed. Solutions will quickly begin to emerge.

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