Kim Kardashian: Failed photoshop on her photo goes viral

Kim Kardashian: Failed photoshop on her photo goes viral
Kim Kardashian: Failed photoshop on her photo goes viral

“Kim is an expert at photoshop and removes anything she doesn’t like”

An uproar has been caused on social media, after a video shared by a TikTok user revealed that the well-known TV personality im Kardashian even photoshops her neck, which makes her look much thinner than she actually is.

In particular, Caroline Ross, who is known as Caroline in the city on the TikTok platform, made a video recently commenting on Kim Kardashian’s new post, highlighting the photoshop she tried to do on the back of her neck to make her look thinner.

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She began by saying, “Kim is an expert at photoshop and removes everything she doesn’t like,” and went on to show exactly how the TV personality did the photoshop and what her neck looked like before it was edited.

She explained, “Why? I don’t know, maybe that makes her neck look smaller. But this area right here has been Photoshopped out. When we zoom in, we see that the water pattern behind her here is distorted. Using Photoshop’s liquify tool, I’ll now show you what it would look like without Photoshop.”

He went on to say, “As you can see, the water reflection in the background is starting to look a lot more natural and we don’t have that distorted effect. We also have a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot to compare as well.”

“Here’s the photo that came out,” Caroline added as she placed the two photos side by side, comparing her neck. He finished by saying, “Here’s the corrected version. See the water patterns in the background.”

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