Eleonora Meleti: Renewed look just before her premiere

THE Eleonora Meleti returns for a second season with “Mega Kalimera” and the show is expected to premiere on Monday, September 5.

Since the new season is approaching, the presenter decided to renew her appearance and visited her close friend and best man Panos Kallitsis! Eleonora Meleti changed her hair once again and showed us her new hairlook through her personal Instagram account.

“Monday we start! The wool is ready, girls! We don’t change haircuts! You can’t imagine how much I’ve enjoyed the frame! Convenient fast, feminine, dynamic, and with a perspective for changes in the hairstyle! However, we darkened the color a bit against the TV rules! As a natural blonde (oh, what if that implies counting some malicious anecdotes) in the summer my hair lightened a lot… so we balanced it with a light ombre removing the complaining blonde!

The root has been natural for months… (corresponds to a 6.5 medium blonde for as many codes as you want!) The best man in the photo is the well-known @panoskallitsis. The challenge for this year will be to end the season with the same wool. I will succeed” Eleonora Meleti wondered.

The article is in Greek

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