Mars-Jupiter sexx: September brings luck and opportunities – Which signs will smile

Mars-Jupiter sexx: September brings luck and opportunities – Which signs will smile
Mars-Jupiter sexx: September brings luck and opportunities – Which signs will smile

September makes its debut with a lucky astrological aspect, it comes to spread positive energy, courage, cheer and opportunities that if we grab them quickly we can finally see smiles in our lives again.

According to the website, Mars enters the communication sign of Gemini and forms a positive hexagon angle with Jupiter from the sign of Aries.

On this day we feel that nothing can stand in our way, we have dynamism, we have the will, knowledge and experience to overcome obstacles, while we manage and combine logic and method with instinct and intuition. The result is unique!

Fortune is more generous this day and distributes its opportunities which put us on alert. The day is ideal for decisions, important initiatives, for agreements, travel, acquaintances!

The signs that are favored are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius as well as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius of the 1st decade.

See in detail:


You can expect pleasant movements, communications, news, opportunities, changes and social networking! The day is also ideal for new acquaintances, new agreements and proposals that have something important to offer you


You succeed in solving financial problems, emotional relief and regaining self-esteem! You have the opportunity to settle financial outstandings that will ease all your worries!


New people enter your life, a dream comes true, you get your fill of all kinds of success, luck and passion. You take important initiatives that help you take your life one step further.


New opportunities and certain developments strengthen your mental and emotional strength! Professionally, you are given incredible opportunities for advancement and development, while you also receive significant support.


You come into contact with friendly people, have a great time and achieve high goals! You feel more favored by the circumstances around you! A long trip, starting studies, or a great proposal are among the positives of the period.


You will have professional success and very strong opportunities to improve your social image as much as possible and also to achieve your goals! You overcome yesterday’s obstacles, you feel complete.


Travels, contacts, communications and news help you achieve all your goals, with your luck and optimism as allies! Your social life is active and opportunities to have fun come to you through your friendly environment! Meeting a person with an age difference will have a very positive outcome.


Financial and romantic successes transform your life, as well as your psychology. Advancement in your career can ensure you an extra profit.


Feeling, passion, a new relationship, a new romantic beginning and many emotional successes, you will have. Your optimism returns and you make plans for your future


You take initiatives, which activate you to put your everyday life and your work in line. Your work is on the rise and this also contributes to your financial rise.


Love communications, positive developments of a love affair, emotional success, conquests and passion you will have! You begin to enjoy the benefits of companionship.


Rearrangements and improvements to expect, in home, family and affairs of the past! Physical condition problems (yours or those of your loved ones) are solved and you renew your daily life in every way.

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