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Sthe Neos Akadimos theater was found on the evening of Monday, November 20, the Maria Naufliotou. The actress, together with Zeta Douka, attended the performance “Suddenly Last Summer” which premiered.

This enigmatic and self-analytical play by the great American author was written in 1958 and premiered the same year on Broadway with huge success. A year later, it was made into a motion picture, starring Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. Taylor won a Golden Globe for her performance and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, along with Katharine Hepburn.

The play examines themes such as family, sexuality, madness. Through intense dialogues and shocking scenes, it highlights the complex relationships between the characters and how memories and truths can affect their lives.

A few words about the case

The rich and domineering Mrs. Venable (Filareti Komnenos) pathologically adored her poet son Sebastian, and every summer the two traveled together. Last summer, however, for the first time she did not accompany him on his vacation, but his young cousin Catherine (Anastasia Padousi) who took on the role that she had monopolized until then.

That fateful summer, however, Sebastian died under mysterious circumstances. When a shocked Catherine tells the truth about his death, Mrs. Venable refuses to believe her and tries to convince/bribe the distinguished neurosurgeon John Kukrovits (Dimitris Tsiklis) to label her psychotic and perform a lobotomy.

The doctor showing composure, prudence and superiority, unaffected by the lure of money and the blackmails of Mrs. Venable, tries to understand Catherine’s position. The girl will lean on him and trust him, while he will slowly sink into the shadowy and mysterious world that surrounds the Venable family.

What really happened last summer? What secret was behind his death that should remain hidden?

The impressive appearance of Maria Naufliotou


After the end of the performance, Maria Naufliotou was photographed with the protagonist, Filaretis Komninou and Zeta Doukas. We couldn’t help but focus on the former’s look, which paired a total black ensemble with a vintage-feel coat in dark green by designer Themis Z. The look was completed with a small black leather bag also by Themis Z.


Next to the Zeta Duke paired black pants with a leopard print shirt and jacket.

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