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THEit’s time to leave behind the intense and emotional age of Scorpio and move into the sparkle and energy of Sagittarius. Every sign can benefit from Sagittarius’ love of change and fun and enjoy the joys that life has to offer.

This year, the season of Sagittarius begins on November 22, when the Sun will enter this sign. The season of Sagittarius will last until December 22nd and just before Christmas it gives us all the supplies to aim high and believe in goals and aspirations.

The general energy of the age of Sagittarius 2023

Signed by Sagittarius, this fire sign belongs to the mutable, which means that those who belong to its constellation are extremely versatile and love to explore and change. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is why they are considered lucky people who manage to get everything right in the end.

The season of Sagittarius is the right time to change our attitude and philosophy of life. It is the time when new roads and perspectives open before us. Now is the right time to aim forward and believe in our strengths.

With the energy of the lively and always open to new experiences Sagittarius, we can achieve whatever we want – as long as we don’t let the spontaneity and enthusiasm (characteristic of Sagittarius) blind us.

The most affected signs

it is expected that Sagittarians will have their due during their birthday period. During this month they will see their desires align with the universe and come true.

At the same time, the other fire signs (Aries and Leo) will feel confident and full of energy, thanks to the common element that unites them with Sagittarius. The same positive feeling should be felt by the other mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces). Pisces in particular can expect more ambition and connection to their inner self. Having the same ruler as Sagittarius, Jupiter, they will feel more confident about themselves and their beliefs.

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