Theofano receives a “knife” from Agathi

Theofano receives a “knife” from Agathi
Theofano receives a “knife” from Agathi

Ups and downs are expected to come in the next episodes of the ANT1 series, The Witch, as Theofano will receive a “stab” from Agathi.

In particular, the relationship between the two women will reach the extremes with the maid facing her worst nightmare and being forced to confess her gift to the priesthood.

According to and TiVi Serial, things will now turn out to be particularly complicated for the girl as she is locked up in the monastery. Agatha’s decision is a stab in the heart for Theofano who despairs, as we will see in the continuation of The Witch.

In the meantime, Markos desperately searches to find her while Theofano that same night is confronted with the darkest part of herself and everything changes.

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