Elena Pieridou: Who is the Greek actress who will participate in the new film with Robert De Niro (pics)


As reported by Real Life newspaper and Nikis Kotsou, the beautiful actress will play Maria, the sister of Lazarus and will stay in Morocco for about a month.

Filming for the film will also take place in Greece and the USA. The film describes the life of the Virgin from the crucifixion of Jesus, until the death and refers to the first years of the Christian church community, written and directed by Yannis Stravolaimos.

As the newspaper report states, Elena Pieridou will have two scenes with the great Hollywood star, Robert De Niro, for which she is looking forward.

Although the shooting was scheduled for March, due to the Artificial Intelligence actors’ strikes in Los Angeles and other US states, it will be delayed. The film is set to premiere in cinemas in 2025, but before that, the public is looking forward to the time when the shooting will take place in our country, in order to see this big blockbuster, as well as the shining stars of Hollywood.

Who is Elena Pieridou?

Born and raised in Cyprus, the 33-year-old Elena Pieridou has managed to make important steps in the field of acting since she had played in several serials in Cyprus. But Elena is not the only artist in the family since her sister, Iphigenia is also involved in acting and modeling at the same time.

Last season, the Greek public got to know her better through her participation in the series “Glycanisos” on SKAI and the role of “Razan” from Turkey.


The reactions were not only negative, we also had many positive ones. In a similar case, but with reversed roles, i.e. a Turkish man and a Greek woman, they fell in love in the TV series Don’t Tell Me Goodbye, a story that was very much loved. Of course, then there was no Twitter, the people’s court, so to speak.

I feel like everyone is waiting in the corner for something to pop up to comment negatively on. It is very intense in our time“, she said last season about her role in the SKAI series

In the past, she had occupied the media with her relationship with Giorgos Amoutzas, the actor from the series “Sasmos” with whom she was a couple.

In fact, Elena Pieridou made the decision to move from Cyprus to Athens where they lived together. However, things did not develop as they expected, since the couple decided after 1.5 years of relationship to go their separate ways with them not answering clearly about what is happening, resulting in the separation.


Elena Pieridou incredibly admires her mother who in the past had faced a very serious health problem and had fought her own battle with cancer and managed to emerge victorious… In fact, in her post on World Cancer Day, Elena Pieridou had written :

Mom… it’s days like today that I remember those moments. Fight the disease but don’t let it bend you. Every day to fight with faith, optimism, stubbornness and love for life. To motivate other people to do the same. You never cried in front of me. You wanted me to have the image I’ve always had.”

Elena Pieridou is counting down the days for her role as she will soon be next to Robert De Niro in the filming of the movie “The Queen of Heaven”.

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