I “came of age” in the theater when I made my first failure

I “came of age” in the theater when I made my first failure
I “came of age” in the theater when I made my first failure

The actress Maria Naufliotou was invited to “Smile Again” and talked, among other things, about her life, her professional life and about the show in which she stars.

“What people see from my presence is because of my appearance, I believe, which is somewhat more strict. Actually I’m not like that. I don’t appear on TV often because I don’t have much to say. I show up when I have something to say about my work and communicate my work.

I really enjoy doing this, and meeting new people, but that’s about it. when I don’t have something to say, I don’t find the reason to appear on TV”, said Maria Naufliotou initially.

“Filumena was a bet for me, something I really wanted, because no one sees Philumena in me. My job is to be an actor and put myself in the shoes of different people and different from me. The journey was as it is with all roles, trying to understand and feel the character.

Philomena is a role that I loved very much, in all its aspects, but it has something in common: she is a woman who fights like all of us, for her desires and dreams. I entered into her deep pain and even though she hurts and has a hard time, she always moves forward, and in the end she finds happiness”, pointed out Maria Naufliotou.

When asked about her relationship with television, Maria Naufliotou answered, among other things: “I love television,” answered Maria Naufliotou, and continued: “with television and “Throne Room” I was introduced as an actress. I’ve been on stage since I was 15 because I was a dancer so it’s a natural place for me. It is difficult for me if I have booked a theater to do TV at the same time.

That’s why I always give priority to the theater. Television is a companionship for rural people and when we make good television we educate people, we give them moments that accompany them. Have there been series that I’ve said I’d like to be there.

I think we do good television in Greece. There have been jobs on TV that I really wanted to be in but couldn’t because of my theater commitments. It’s not like I haven’t been offered things. I can’t do so many things. I’m a perfectionist and I never leave anything behind.”

Which role in the theater made her “adult”? According to the beloved actress, “my theatrical coming of age happened when they made my first flop. Because when I came out I was so ignorant of danger and devoured the roles.

The time came when I played a very difficult role, “Elvira” in Don Juan in 2000. It was a matter of coming out in a 3-hour play, 10 minutes. This role has two radical changes. I didn’t understand anything”, said Maria Naufliotou.

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